Thursday 160310

For time:
1 Round of:
100 Double-unders
50 Squats
25 Push press, 95#(65#)
Then, 2 rounds of:
60 Double-unders
30 Squats
15 Push press, 95#(65#)
Then, 3 rounds of:
40 Double-unders
20 Squats
10 Push press, 95#(65#)

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Kyle working hard to get through 16.2. This is Kyle's first CrossFit Games Open.

Kyle working hard to get through 16.2. This is Kyle’s first CrossFit Games Open.


Week 2 down. . . we’ll save the drama for our mamas, right now we need to celebrate.

Ladies and gentlemen we are a few short hours away from entering our third week of the CrossFit Games Open. As I said in the blog last week, Verve wants to highlight the accomplishments, the PRs, and the phenomenal athleticism that arises each year during the Open. Each week I want to take a moment to point out one man and one woman that were inspiring during the Open competition. It’s not about who got the highest score or who lifted the most weight. It’s about the triumph over fears, the extra push from a friend that got us the extra rep we never thought we could get. It’s about finishing workouts or just starting one, and the self pride in doing so. It’s about the smiles, the high fives, and the community. 

The first week was a little overshadowed by Verve’s move into it’s newer space, but it didn’t make any of the amazing events that happened during the first Open workout any less awesome. So I would now like to take this opportunity to recognize two people from 16.1 and two people from 16.2:

Week 1:

Kyle Young 

Kyle started at CrossFit Verve in December 2015. His first workout after finishing his foundations classes was January 8, 2016. 7 weeks later Kyle participated in his very first Open workout. Kyle jumped into CrossFit with both feet and signing up for the Open is an extension of that. He pushed through a 20 minute workout and finished with pride. I have loved watching him have this experience and I’m even more excited to see him finish out the Open and use it as a benchmark for next year. 

Beth Romero

Beth has been a member of Verve for a while and is an absolutely amazing athlete. She has been a record holding Regionals competitor and an invaluable member of Team Verve. The last 3 years Beth has either been pregnant or very postpartum. Yet every year she always signed up for the Open and participated to the best of her abilities, at times crushing a very non pregnant me in workouts. . . #beast. This year Beth has been able to attack the Open a little bit different than years past and she absolutely crushed it. Again, I’m so excited for her to show off that amazing athleticism the next 3 weeks. 

Week 2:

Jordan Afraimi 

Jordan has been looking forward to the Open since the end of last year’s Open. He has worked so hard all year and set some goals for himself that he is well on his way to accomplishing. This week Jordan did the workout on Friday, when he was done he felt like he had more and was ready to give it a second try on Sunday. We talked game plan and strategy, and with an encouraging group rallying around him, Jordan got through an entire extra round on Sunday. He crushed his previous score. Jordan has had the best attitude and excitement during these first two weeks of the Open, keep the spirit going!!

Kacey Kingry

Thanks to Dave Castro’s programming genius, during 16.2 we were able to “bank” our rest time. Kacey absolutely crushed the first 3 rounds of 16.2 banking up 3+ minutes to begin chipping away at 135# cleans. Kacey took a breath before every rep, got herself set, and began working her way through a weight that is heavy for her. She had a fail early on but she simply smiled, reset herself, and made the next several reps. During the last minutes of her last round people began to rally and cheer and with each successful clean Kacey’s smile got bigger and bigger. I don’t know Kacey’s 1RM clean, I don’t know if Kacey has a mental block with 135#. I do know, that until the end of her time, she did not stop working and she did not stop enjoying the moment. 

These are not the only amazing things I saw both Fridays. Phoebe Percell finished all 430 reps of 16.2. Emily Bird’s 2 Open workout high scores have her sitting in 28th place in the South West Region. Brandon and Diona Gouker are a husband and wife duo that have decided to tackle their first Open together, they too are newer to CrossFit and hit the ground running. 

This is just in 2 weeks and we still have 3 more to go. I will continue to pick 1 man and 1 woman per week, these individuals will receive a cool Progenex 2016 Open hat and a $15 gift certificate towards a Progenex product sold through Verve (be sure to keep it handy until we get retail up and rolling). So Kyle, Beth, Jordan, and Kacey make sure you see me. Everyone else, after you high five these 4 fine folks, keep your eye on the people around you. Cheer each other on, help each other get that extra pound, the extra rep, or simply to push through that mental block that’s holding you back. If you have something you already want to share, please do. And let’s kick 16.3 in the butt. 



  1. Kyle Young :

    Thanks, this has been a great community to be a part of and I’m rooting every minute of it

  2. Anna D :

    This is seriously so awesome. Love love love this blog post

  3. Kacey :

    You guys, that was seriously one of the most fun moments ever for me!!! It meant so much to have everyone rooting for me, so fun! I am constantly blessed by our family. Thank you!

    Best to everyone in the Open. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Can’t wait to see what we all do!

    P.s. I only made it to the 115# cleans lol. But still, I’ll take it…it was big for me!!

  4. Charles :

    I +1 this post. 🙂

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