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Ladies from Everyday Warrior presenting Sarah with a check at Verve.

Ladies from Everyday Warrior presenting Sarah with a check at Verve.


What is Everyday Warrior?

Everyday Warrior is a non-profit organization founded with the primary mission to inspire, empower, and financially support individuals in the CrossFit community who have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently undergoing treatment.

Through multiple online competitions Everyday Warrior has raised over $139,000. That money is then given to their featured warriors, or CrossFitters currently fighting cancer. The money is theirs to do with as they wish, pay medical bills, take a vacation, buy groceries. It is used to take a small amount of stress off the people fighting the biggest and hardest battle of all. . . they are fighting for their lives. 

Verve’s own Sarah DeVito was recently one of Everyday Warrior’s featured warriors. Several ladies from the organization came to Verve to present Sarah with a check for $15,000. What that money will do for Sarah and her family goes beyond words. Beyond providing monetary support, the gesture itself is an even bigger reminder of all the people that are in Sarah’s court, all the people that stand behind her, and hold her up. That money represents the thousand’s of people that do not know Sarah but are there to make sure she does not fight alone. 

We at Verve feel strongly in supporting Everyday Warrior. We want to show our support for Sarah and we want to show support for anyone else that finds themselves facing the same battle. We ask that Verve members rally to support this amazing organization as well. You can get involved by signing up for the Everyday Warrior Team Battle Series this June. 

The Team Battle Series is a winner-take-all, four-week, online workout and fundraising competition for teams of two — two men or two women. Teams will complete in one workout per week beginning Monday, May 30th. Money raised through the Team Battle Series goes directly to individuals in the CrossFit community currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Verve will be hosting these workouts on the Saturday after they have been released, it will be the workout of the day (WOD). Workout on Saturdays usually? Well now you can bring a friend, get registered online, and compete towards fun prizes. For all teams that get registered Verve will also post an in-house leaderboard and will be giving prizes to top teams in each division, RX, scaled, and masters.

Got a friend that does not go to Verve but you want to compete along side? Get registered with them. Anyone registered for the team series will be welcomed to Verve on Saturdays during the Battle Series at no charge. 

For more information and to get registered, click here. Let’s pay it forward. And get fit at the same time. 🙂 

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