Thursday 160428

With a 4 minute running clock run 400m, with remaining time as many reps as possible of:
Round 1- Double unders
Round 2- DB power snatch
Round 3- Double unders
Round 4- DB power snatch
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post reps to comments and BTWB

It takes organization between trainers to coach the main WOD in the front of the gym and Sprint in the back.

It takes organization between trainers to coach the main WOD in the front of the gym and Sprint in the back.


Verve is looking for trainer interns!!

Over the years we have been asked numerous times by various people “What sets Verve apart? What makes Verve special?” Our answer has always included both our training and our community. A standard of excellence in training was started by Matt and Cherie, it was carried on through Mas and Joylyn, and Eric and I have done our best to keep it continued. We take pride in having trainers that know the members of Verve, care about the members of Verve, and want to constantly help guide Verve members to improve their fitness. One of the best ways Verve has gone about finding such a person is by looking to it’s members to work to become trainers. 

If you have ever thought about or had an interest in training, we want to talk with you more. We believe by going to Verve members to build our army of trainers, it continues to help us build the other thing we hold so dear, our community. 

Beyond being a current member of Verve, our first requirement to apply is that you hold a current Level 1 certificate. The internship is an unpaid process. We understand your time is valuable and do not want to take advantage of it, but there will be a time requirement of 7 hours per month, which includes a monthly trainer meeting. The internship process will vary from person to person, the goal being to work towards a position as a part time trainer for Verve. During the internship our goal will be to build the 6 characteristics we believe make a good trainer:

  1. Group management
  2. Teaching
  3. Seeing fault in movement
  4. Correcting fault in movement
  5. Presence and attitude
  6. Demonstration

We will also need those in the internship process to begin to learn basic information about Verve as well as how to use MBO and welcome new people to Verve. As trainers our goal is to lead by example, we would look for interns to do the same. 

For more details about the process, to apply to intern, and to ask any and all questions we will be hosting a meeting Thursday May 5th at 8pm. If you have a resume that includes any information regarding history in fitness, training, teaching, certificates, etc. I would encourage you to bring it. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me,



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