Thursday 160505

For time:
Run 1200 meters
30 Kettlebell swings, 53#(35#)
Run 800 meters
25 Kettlebell swings, 53#(35#)
Run 400 meters
20 Kettlebell swing, 53#(35#)

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And a good time was had by all. . . .

And a good time was had by all. . . .


Verve would like to thank all it’s members that came out on Saturday for a morning of fitness. We would also like to thank those that were not able to come but saw fit to donate money anyway. Verve is super excited to watch Emily compete next weekend at the South Regionals. . . thank you for helping get her there. Here are a few words from the lady of the hour:

Dear Verve athletes and coaches,

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for everything you have done to support me in this mission to get to Dallas! There are no words to express my gratitude or appreciation for your generosity and kindness.

I recently moved to Denver and well the aspect of the move that I was most nervous and focused on was finding a new gym to call home. Through my years as a CFer I have been a member at a couple of boxes and have dropped in to a plethora of gyms, and when I walked through the doors at Verve I knew right away that I had found a gym that I could call home, one that was unlike any other that I have been a part of!

It was clear that I had found a community of athletes there were driven, focused, and friendly. And a coaching staff that was extremely knowledgeable and eager to help the athletes reach their goals. But in no way, did I ever anticipate all of this. The amount of support and encouragement you have all given me is just more then I could have ever asked for. I feel so blessed and so honored to get to be a part of such an incredible community.

Regionals weekend is going to be hard, and will definitely put me out of my comfort zone, but knowing that I am taking a piece of Verve with me, will help to carry me through the weekend with extra strength and a big smile! I am going to be repping my Verve shirt with so much pride knowing that I am there with all of your help.

The Verve logo I will be rocking on my back, is one that means much more than just a simple gym symbol. It represent kindness, heart, friendship, hard work, generosity, selflessness, and a community that completely embodies what CF is all about! One that I am so greatful to be a part of.

Thank you everyone who has helped in organizing this fundraising effort. I just can not say thank you enough!!!

Much Love




  1. Danni :

    Stoked for you, Emily!! Have fun, you’ve earned this!

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