Thursday 160707

For time:
15-12-9-6-3 Reps of:
Thruster, 115#(75#)
Chest to bar pull-ups

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Like father, like son. Two fourths of the Afraimi family working out side by side.

Like father, like son. Two fourths of the Afraimi family working out side by side.













The Dude abides By Courtney Shepherd

During my travels to various other CrossFit gyms, I’ve seen several variations of “Gym Rules” posted throughout. Sometimes these rules say things like “There will be a 5 burpee penalty for every minute late to class”, or ” Do not drop weights”. I’m not in total agreement with all the rules I come across, especially the ones that penalize the tardy. I’m not a fan of athletes showing up late and there is a point in time when I don’t feel comfortable letting someone join the class, but I understand life happens and we try to accommodate. . . we may throw a few verbal jabs in, sometimes very deservedly so. However, last week, while I was in Tennessee, I saw a board of rules at the gym I visited, and I liked them all. So, I thought I would share them with you:

  1. Be Cool– Introduce yourself to newbies, bring your mom, teach someone something you’re good at, tell good jokes.
  2. Technique Is King– First comes form, then comes weight and intensity. You can go fast and heavy when you move well. It is really that simple!
  3. Be Positive– Think and say “yes you CAN!”. Push your boundaries and get comfortable with the struggle. Always cheer on your fellow comrades; no one finishes alone.
  4. Listen To Your Coaches– Their knowledge is hard earned, their advice is valuable, and their instructions are law – ABIDE!
  5. Respect The Box– Wipe down and return all equipment to its home. Don’t drop kettle bells or empty barbells – EVER!
  6. Clean Up Your DNA– Blood, sweat, and tears are signs of AWESOMENESS but clean that shit up!!
  7. Don’t Be A Chalkmonster– Chalk your hands in the bucket. Clean up spills and wipe it from equipment after use.
  8. Check Your Ego At The Door– You don’t have rivals here, you have teammates.
  9. Count Only Good Reps– Integrity is one of our core values. No one cares what your score is but everyone cares if you cheat!
  10. Track Your Progress– The more detail you can record, the improvement you will see. Several small victories can create momentum and lasting changes.

Verve does not have gym rules posted anywhere, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have any. We have kind of taken the “some things should be understood” and “follow the guides and actions of those around you” approach. Unfortunately, every now and again, we sometimes need to be reminded about some of these unwritten, universally understood to be true, rules. Sometimes we get complacent and don’t put away the things we took out. Sometimes we take for granted that someone else will pick up after us. And sometimes we are in such a hurry we forget that there is no one in the gym that really wants to put their hand in the left over bodily fluids of someone else. So look over the rules, courtesy of CrossFit Brigade in Chattanooga, TN, and try to remember Verve is a space shared by hundreds of people throughout the day. How can we best be a part of what continues to make it clean, thriving, safe, and fun? 

The Dude abides. 






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