Thursday 161020

Back Squat

Post weights (those well earned PRs) to comments and BTWB

New Verve shirts are coming!!

New Verve shirts are coming!!


You’ve been waiting patiently. . . at least some of you have. 🙂 And now it’s go time folks. Verve’s new shirt, also known as the one that may cause Clancy to vomit, is available for pre-sale starting today.

These are 3/4 sleeve baseball tees. The shirts are unisex. We have two sample shirts for sizing available at the front desk, they are a small and a large.  

We are doing PRE-SALE ONLY for these shirts. Starting now through October 31st you can use the square system to pre-purchase a shirt. The shirts are $25 + sales tax, the square system takes credit card only. No Verve employee will be able to charge your MBO account for a shirt, please use the square system. 

We will place the shirt order November 1st, shirts will take less than 2 weeks to get made and dropped off at Verve. 

Broncos fan? Get on it. A fan of making Clancy feel sick to his stomach every time you walk by in Broncos colors? Make the buy. And no David Afraimi, we will not be making any in Raiders colors. . . because this is Bronco nation, home of the current Super Bowl champs. If the Raiders win Super Bowl 51, we will make Raiders colors shirts. 😉


  1. Ali :

    These shirts are perfect!!

  2. Nate :

    Oooooo…a Clancy AND D. Afraimi burn in one post??!!!! Love it.

    Do they come in Shmedium?

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