Thursday 161117

For time:
Row 2,000m

Pre-WOD skill work:
Handstand walking

Post times to comments and BTWB

Just a little post lifting, dude posing.

Just a little post lifting, dude posing.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

You will notice a few changes to the schedule and programming over the next several weeks:

1) We often have workouts that can be done in under 10 minutes. We want to take advantage of these days and begin incorporating more skill work. Too often we don’t get a lot of time to really work on a skill like muscle-ups on the day muscle-ups happen to be in the workout, especially if that workout is a longer one. So we will be adding into our programming skill work, either before or after these shorter workouts. Today’s programming is our intro example of this new programming addition. We can spend a good amount of time practicing a skill (one that really only gets better with practice) at no detriment to the WOD. So that you know what skills we will work on, they will be included in the blog post, just below the workout as the “Pre-WOD skill work”. 

2) Speaking of skill work. . . well some skills just take time, their own time, not to be shared with other movements in a workout. So we will be throwing in dedicated times for skill work throughout the schedule. These times will be led by a trainer and will not include a workout. These classes will be between 30-45 minutes. Examples of these classes are: muscle-ups (ring and bar), pull-ups, accessory work (posterior chain, midline, shoulders), handstand push-ups, handstand walking, prehab/ rehab of shoulders/ hips. Our goal will be to have these classes listed at different times and different days in an attempt to reach out to everyone. We simply ask that you sign up for these classes when we list them in MBO. Got a skill that you specifically want to see? List it in the comments.

Our goal in adding these two things into programming and the schedule is to provide everyone an opportunity to have more time to work on skills that can tend to take us a long time to master. We want to introduce you to progressions, modifications, and accessory work that will help you reach some of your CrossFit goals. 

We have others fun stuff on the horizon as well, including a monthly fitness challenge. We will post a fitness related challenge, for example 100 burpees for time. During the month of the challenge anyone can do the challenge and we will have a place for you to post your time. You can take on the challenge as many times as you want, updating your time on the board. At then end of the month, the male and female with the fastest time for the challenge will win a prize. These challenges will be created for anyone and everyone to participate. Crap talking will obviously be encouraged. 🙂 

So stay tuned to the blog post and the schedule. If you have not already, be sure to follow Verve on Instagram and like our page on Facebook. Verve also has the Verve Social Group on Facebook. All of these are places we share the happenings at Verve. . . keep in the loop or miss out on the fun

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