Thursday 161222

As many rounds as possible in 16 minutes of:
30 Calorie row
30′ Handstand walk
10 Toes to bar
30′ Hanstand walk

Pre WOD skill work= pulling strength

Post rounds and reps to comments and BTWB

#tbt to when Fred won the chili cook off. It's way more official now there's an apron.

#tbt to when Fred won the chili cook off. It’s way more official now there’s an apron.

What’s the word. . . hummingbird??

More than once we have posted about all the things a new CrossFitter should know, the best tips to being the best CrossFitter, advise to being successful in the gym, how to RX workouts, why it’s important to not always worry about RXing workouts, etc. Overall we simply want to hear from others how they have found health, happiness, PRs, and gains through CrossFit. It is the shared journey of others that helps us get through ours. We learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, and we learn that we are not the only one having struggles. For all the good advice, there is an equal amount of bad advice. Advice that may not aid our journey but stop us in our tracks. 7 times CrossFit Games athlete Stacie Tovar shared The 5 Worst Pieces of Advice she has ever received:

5) No pain, no gain.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body, right? Wrong! Don’t confuse this very cliché motivational quote for the real thing. It’s meant to help you step outside of your comfort zone and nothing more. Lactic acid burning in your legs as you row a 1000-meter sprint is one thing. Painful strain on a ligament or tendon is completely different. Be smart when you train. If it hurts, stop. I recommend modifying movements and scaling weights to accommodate for any previous or existing injuries and mobility issues.

4) There’s only one way to do it.

As a fitness enthusiast, I prefer functional movements and high intensity in most of my exercise routines. But just because that’s the way I do it, doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods. There are literally hundreds of ways to improve your fitness. Running, surfing, tennis, yoga — the list goes on. The best way to find success in any exercise routine is to keep it varied and to stick with it.

3) You have to work out all day if you really want to see results.

If you want fitness to be a part of your lifestyle, you don’t need more than an hour a day to exercise. I could give you a 5-minute workout routine that would knock you on your behind, although I recommend dedicating time to warming up properly, stretching and recovering whenever you attack a workout. You don’t have to overcomplicate it. Get in, get moving, and get out.

2) Lifting weights will make you bulky.

Yes, it is true, lifting weights can lead to bigger muscles. For some people that is the point. For others it is less tempting. If you find yourself thickening up in all the wrong places, try incorporating high intensity movements into your weightlifting routine. This will help you work toward leaner muscle mass and trim body fat. Avoid total isolation, and remember that moving, sweating, and burning calories is just as necessary as those heavy back squats. If you still have issues with “bulking up” you may need to take a closer look at your nutrition, sleep, stress levels, and social lifestyle, to mention a few.

1) As long as you work out, you can eat whatever you want.

I wish! Just because I exercise doesn’t mean I have a free pass to that bag of Skittles or Doritos. If you want to maximize results from your fitness routine, you have to fuel yourself with clean, whole foods. Don’t put sugar in your gas tank. Keep the machine running clean!

***How about you? Ever heard something that made you turn your head to the side? Or how about a simple question you’ve had about fitness that no one has yet answered? Share your thoughts with us. As I said before, we learn from shared experiences. Give us your advice, ask your questions, let’s get our learn on.

***Remember this weekend we have a modified scheduled due to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please see MBO for times and to reserve your spot. We will be doing The 12 Days of Christmas WOD on Saturday, classes are longer to accommodate for the longer workout. . . again, RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!!



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    I’ve always wondered is it true if you don’t use it you lose it?

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