Ten rounds for reps:

30 Seconds of ball-slams, 15# (12#)

Followed immediately by:

30 Seconds of dumbell thrusters, 40# (25#) 

Rest exactly one minute between each round

Post total reps to comments.


My new favorite paleo/zone lunch.

Jump start the Paleo challenge with some new easy recipes.  There are only 24 days left.

4 Blocks Zone – Time 10 minutes
4oz of Tuna (4P)
1 Tomato medium (1C) 
1 Cup celery (.5C)
1.25 Cup peppers (1C)
.33 Cup of green onion (.5C)
1.33 tsp olive oil (4F)
Spice to taste; mustard, pepper, and dill.

If you want a complete 4 blocks take a half an apple, core it and chop it in a bowl.  Add cinnamon (don't stress about how much, just go for it).  Put in microwave for 5 minutes and oh what a 1 block carb after treat.

Anyone looking for a little mountain adventure?  Tom F. and Matt are looking for people interested in the 2009 Imperial Challenge.  This challenge is located in Breckenridge and involves skiing and mountain biking.  Check out the website (which is a little crappy) for more details and let us know if you are interested.


  1. TAMMER :

    Attention Verve Member:
    I am leaving Denver for a few months, so I will not be here to finish the Paleo Challenge.
    I have however decided to submit my “after” pic a little bit early.
    Please feel free to be honest and let me know what you think.

  2. Matt :

    I think you look great, but you may want to consider a hair removal consultation. What a stallion.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    I want to do this WOD:
    These girls are jacked!

  4. Joylyn :

    Tammer–that cracked me up! You made me cry! And u gave me a great screensaver for the station 🙂
    WOD max rounds in 20 min = 19
    5 pushups
    10 situps no Abmat
    15 square

  5. Sara Weisbart :

    The trainers at Crossfit Boston were VERY impressed with my taping job for pull-ups today! Thanks Matt! I gave you all the credit! Saved my hands from purell torture for my 3 12 hour shifts at the hospital this weekend. Today’s WOD was brutal, but awesome.
    5 Rounds:
    10 pull-ups
    10 Burpies
    Rest 3 Mins
    4 Rounds:
    20 sit-ups
    20 squats
    Rest 3 Mins
    3 Rounds:
    25 push-ups
    400 m run
    my time was 26:40. I could barely cook my post-WOD meal, my arms were jello. 🙂 Hope everyone is doing great!

  6. Mas :

    so for anyone who is planning to head up to Ft. Collins on Saturday, we can meet up at the park and ride at 88 & I25 on the west side of the highway @ 0700. Call and let me know, I need to meet joylyn on the way since she will getting off work that morning

  7. TAMMER :

    Joylyn- I am sure the guys at your station LOVE my Tammerhoff! I think Mas put it as his Background on his new Iphone.

  8. Luke :

    Just figured I’d give props to everyone I got to train today. Strong work, all of you. I’m now officially inspired.
    Mas, and anyone else who may like to carpool, that sounds like a good plan. Maybe we could coordinate tomorrow?

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