Thursday 170420

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes, alternating:
Minute 1: Row 18(15) calories
Minute 2: 15 Hip extensions
Minute 3: 50 Double unders

Post work maintained to comments and BTWB

James getting warmed up for some solid squatting action.

James getting warmed up for some solid squatting action.


We have so much room. . . for so many activities!!

Folks, we got a bunch of stuff happening at or around Verve in the next few days. You need to pull out that calendar and start filling it up. 

It’s time to party!! We are officially celebrating the end of the CrossFit Games Open. We will toast the winning team, give shout outs to some top scorers, and cheers to 5 weeks of hard work, PRs, and outstanding sportsmanship. 

Friday April 21st
*6:30pm is the start time for the team Oldies But Goodies. They get a full hour to celebrate with just their team and enjoy drinks on Verve as a victory prize.
*7:30pm is the start time for the rest of Verve. Come one, come all (even if you did not participate in the Open at Verve), it’s simply time to enjoy each other’s company and possibly start the trash talk for next year.

Bar Fausto, 3126 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, a few short blocks down the street from Verve

Throw on your finest fancy pants and get ready to celebrate!!

Want to hang out some friends other than your Verve buddies. . . but still gotta get your workout on? Well now you can do both. Saturday April 22nd is another “Bring A Friend To Verve” day. You are encouraged to bring a buddy to one of our 3 scheduled classes and let them get a free taste of Verve. We do ask that you still sign them up on MBO so we have a proper head count. The workout is easily scaleable to meet all abilities and needs. 

While you and your buddy are hanging out/ working out, you can chat up Elizabeth Boulos from Beauty Counter. She will be setting up a table before the 8am class. She will be hanging out talking about the products her company offers and answer any questions. You can look at the website beforehand by clicking here.

Learn more about these safer beauty and skincare products.

Learn more about these safer beauty and skincare products.


Lastly, folks we need to talk possible schedule changes at Verve. Eric and I have been talking about possibly changing the WOD schedule come June 2017. We would like to change the evening schedule to:

Monday – Friday 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
Open gym:
Monday – Thursday 1:30pm-4:30m, 6:30pm-9pm
Friday 1:30pm-4:30pm

No changes to the earlier open gym times, Sprint or Verve Barbell Club

These changes are based on a few thoughts, including giving a little more time for open gym, giving a little more time for people to get to the gym from work without feeling rushed, and to build the atmosphere as there are a few evening times that tend to be smaller. Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your input. 

So get excited for a fun filled weekend!!



  1. Emily L. :

    Any thoughts of keeping a later WOD – like also adding on a 7:30, maybe just some days of the week?

  2. Gaby :

    Love the new schedule and Open Gym at 6:30pm!

  3. Mick :

    I second Gaby!! 💪🏽💪🏽

  4. Dangoia :

    Schedule = like it.

  5. Courtney :

    Emily, no to a later class. The last class would be the 6:30pm.

    Gaby and Mick, my apologies for the typo, but open gym would be 7:30pm-9pm, NOT 6:30. 😬

  6. Anna D :

    Any update on if there will be a new barbell cycle starting soon?

  7. Shorty Jen :

    I like the new schedule! That would make it even easier for open gym and to get to 4:30!

  8. Alina :

    I like the new schedule—now I don’t have to drive like a crazy person 🙂

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