Thursday 170706

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
2 Rope climbs
4 Strict handstand push-ups
8 Russian kettlebell swings, 53#(35#)

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It's time for bros to throw down. It's time to Bro-Down.

Actual footage captured from Mick and Stan’s last weekend together. For reals. 

It’s time for bros to get together and throw down. It’s time to Bro-Down.

Gentlemen, the registration for Verve’s Bro Down is now live!! Verve will be hosting the Femme Royale ladies only competition on Saturday August 19th. In an attempt to make sure the ladies do not have all the fun, the men will take the stage for the Bro-Down, the men’s only competition on Sunday August 20th. That’s right folks, ladies are up on Saturday, men are up on Sunday. Now the men’s version is only being opened to Verve members, however, if you have a bro that is not a Verve member but with whom you must throw down, then we cool with that. Get yourselves signed up. 

Let’s talk WODs, Verve will only have 2 competition divisions rather than 3, RX and Open. Here are the workouts for the competition:

Workout #1

8 Minute AMRAP:

15 Overhead squats, 135#
10 Hang snatch (can be power or squat), 135#
5 Bar muscle-ups

15 Overhead squats, 95#
10 Hang snatch (can be power or squat), 95#
5 Chest to bar pull-ups

*Work may be split anyway athletes choose. The minimum work requirement (MWR) is 1 rep of each movement per person.

Workout #2

In 7 minutes both athletes must find their 2RM thruster
Followed immediately by 3 min max effort:


Box jump over, 30”

*Both athletes are working during the 7 minutes to establish a 2RM thruster for each. During the 3 minute max effort, work may be split up however athletes choose. MWR is 1 rep per person. This is 2 scored events.  

Workout #3

For time: (time cap TBD)

100 Deadlift, 225#
80 Toes to bar
60 Front rack lunge steps, 135#
40 Handstand push-ups

100 Deadlift, 185#
80 Toes to bar
60 Front rack lunge steps, 95#
40 Push-ups

*Work may be split anyway athletes choose. The MWR is 1 rep of each movement per person.

Registration will be $20/ person or $40 for the team (these are 2 man teams). All of the money will be going directly into prizes for the top 3 teams in both divisions. How do you register your team?

  1. Go to the Square system at Verve
  2. Find “Bro Down”
  3. Swipe your card and purchase
  4. In the notes section please put both team members names AND the team name

If you have any questions about this, please let me know, send an email to



  1. Nat :

    If a duo is in need of an out shape, uninspiring and sometimes absent minded third teamate, count me in. Regardless of the division I’m quite sure I can do all movements and weights in a manner that, while a liability, with inevitably add a little gorilla flair to the days festivities.

    • Courtney :

      Nat, these are two man teams, so call up a buddy. . . cause I think we all want to see the gorilla flair. 😉

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