Thursday 170810

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
200 Meter run
10 Hang dumbbell power cleans 40#(25#)
10 GHD sit ups
Rest 5 minutes

Then, as a class:
As many calories as possible on the assault bikes in 5 minutes
*Have to switch every 10 calories

Post rounds and reps to comments and BTWB

Corbin joins a class. . . and then we killed him.

Corbin joins a class. . . and then we killed him.

What is the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course?

I’m certain many of you take notice when Verve closes it’s doors during the occasional weekend to “host a seminar”. However I’m certain many of you may not fully know what exactly is going down at Verve on those days. Most often Verve is hosting the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course (the next one will be September 2nd-3rd)

The Level 1 Certificate Course is an introduction to CrossFit’s methodology and foundational movements. The course includes classroom instruction on these topics, as well as hands-on small-group training for the movements. These group sessions are conducted under low intensity with a focus on improving mechanics. Students’ movements are observed and corrected, and they engage in dialogue concerning effective coaching techniques. Large group CrossFit workouts are conducted as an example of bridging the gap from theory to practice. These workouts provide examples of how to:

  • Conduct a class.
  • Hold a standard of effective technique at high intensity.
  • Achieve relative high levels of intensity for each individual.
  • Scale for any ability level.

The Level 1 provides introductory education on the fundamental principles and movements of CrossFit. It is structured to meet two goals: 1) Provide attendees the knowledge to better use CrossFit methods for themselves; and 2) Provide attendees an initial and foundational education to begin training others using CrossFit.

The Level 1 Certificate Course teaches participants to:

1)Define the core concepts of the CrossFit program.
2)Identify the primary points of performance of the foundational movements.
3)Perform the foundational movements safely and identify when they have a committed a form error.
4)Identify correct movement when training others.
5)Identify unsound movement and apply appropriate correction toward improved movement.
6)Apply the CrossFit program safely and effectively while gaining the experience necessary to develop competency in training others using CrossFit methods.

There are no prerequisites to take this course. We joke often about this but many of us drink the CrossFit Kool-Aid and become instantly addicted. We yearn to know more about CrossFit. The CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course is the method behind the madness. It answers the questions and provides the science. The course also include a nutrition lecture. The cost of the course is $1,000, which is quite a chunk of change, we know. Verve is also fortunate for some, but not all, of the seminars to be given scholarship spots. We share these scholarship spots with Verve athletes. It is a way for us to give back to you. By arming you with this knowledge we find it simply makes our CrossFit community that much stronger. To be eligible for a scholarship spot is quite simple:

1)Be a current/ active member of Verve.
2)Answer 2 questions in essay form and email them to myself ( and Eric (

  • Why do you want to take the Level 1 Seminar?
  • What do you plan to do with your Level 1 once you have it?

Sending us an email with your answers and expressed interest does not guarantee a scholarship spot. Eric and I choose the spots based on the needs of Verve, it is not based on seniority or time as a member of Verve.

As I mentioned earlier, Verve is hosting a Level 1 course in September. There are no scholarships spots available for this seminar. We do not know when the next seminar will be after that or if we will have scholarship spots available at that time. If you send a letter now we will simply add it to our files and it will be read for consideration when there are available spots. ***If you have sent us an email in the past, now might be a time to refresh your interest, as it’s been quite a while since we’ve hosted one and those emails are about a year old. It will help us to have a new email to reference. 

You don’t have to wait on us. If you are truly interested in attending the seminar you can click here and get registered. I have not yet met a person that has walked away from the weekend thinking it wasn’t worth it. If you have taken the Level 1, please feel free to share some of your experiences in the comments, including if you didn’t think it was worth it, help others make an informed decision. 


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