Thursday 171116

In 10 minutes build to a heavy 1 rep shoulder press
Rest 2:00 minutes, then 
In 8 minutes build to a heavy 2 rep push press
Rest 2:00 minutes, then 
In 6 minutes build to a heavy 1 rep push jerk

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Andy and Kira sweating through a gnarly Sprint workout.






















We have had several requests for a Nutrition Challenge. Well we will do you one better, we will have two. We want to start our first challenge right after Thanksgiving, we want to use this challenge to set the tone. We want to create some habits regarding meal prep, what kinds of food we eat throughout the day, how often we exercise and stretch, etc. Following the completion of this first challenge we will kick off the beginning of the new year with another one, more based on nutrition itself. We will take all the good habits we built and use them to focus on eating high quality foods in the right amounts. Here are the details for challenge number 1:

Healthy Habit-building Challenge
Science shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit – so, join your fellow Ververs in building some healthy habits this holiday season!!
This challenge will run from Monday, November 27th to Friday, December 22nd.  The cost is $15, with proceeds going towards prizes for the winning team & individual (everyone will be competing as an individual and teams will be chosen at random based on number of participants).  Registration will end on Friday, November 24th @ 5pm and a detailed email will be sent out that evening with specifics of the challenge.
Here’s how it will work:
1)  Pick 3 habits that you would like to work on during this challenge
  ** 1 must be nutrition-based
2)  Score 1 point for each day you complete the habit (3 points per day)
  ** A leaderboard spreadsheet will be setup for score tracking
3)  Each week will have a bonus exercise worth 3 points
  ** Bonus exercises will be posted to the Facebook group
See examples below for some ideas!
Nutrition Habit Examples:
  • Eat vegetables at both lunch & dinner
  • Drink 1/2 BW in water each day
  • Hit macros within +/- 5 grams
Fitness Habit Examples:
  • Mobilize 10 minutes after each workout / 15 minutes on off days
  • Do 50 pushups everyday
  • Take 1 full, complete rest day per week

Lifestyle Habit Examples:

  • No phone or email 1 hour before going to bed
  • No phone during dinner
  • Wake up when the alarm goes off, no pushing the snooze button

To get registered for the challenge, click here 

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