Thursday 180201

3 Rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
5 Rope climbs, 15′

Post times to comments and BTWB

Say hello and congratulations to the CrossFit community’s newest L3 Certified CrossFit trainer, Paul Buono.


Calling all captains!!

Folks, as stated last week, we are underway in prepping for the CrossFit Games Open. We plan to have our 2nd Open Team Cup by diving Verve up into 4 teams again this year. With that being said, we need some captains. What does that mean?

We need 3 people to step up and decide to be the captain of a team. You won’t be alone, you will have a co-captain of your choosing. The responsibilities of the captain and co-captain will include:

-One or both be present on draft day, to draft team members.

-Be the rally point person for your team. This can include, should you choose, to create a FB group for your team to communicate through.

-Encourage participation from your team.

-Make sure any and all Open related info is appropriately reaching all the members of your team.

-And most importantly, create a Team Name.

The responsibilities and time commitment are not big. Your biggest one will include the draft. Speaking of the draft, we will be doing it a little different this year. Saturday February 17th we will have a draft party at Verve following Open Gym. We will have beers, corn hole, perhaps some grill action, and of course, the draft.

Every single Verve athlete that registers for the Open will be involved in the draft. The first round will go in order of those who volunteer to be captains. Right now Paul Buono has you all beat, he volunteered to be a captain first. For the first several rounds, there will be one single pick. For the next several rounds captains will be picking 3 at a time. And for the final rounds, captains will pick 5 at a time. The number of rounds will depend on the number of people signed up for the Open. This information will be set in stone Saturday morning. After the first round, picking order will be done at random and moderated by Verve’s own draft aficionado, Eric Clancy. It should make for a fun afternoon and the start to some amazing team vs team trash talk. 

New to CrossFit and the Open? Possibly coming back from an injury? New to Colorado and hating every minute of working out in altitude? There is absolutely no reason not to participate in the Open, as none of those things matter as much as simply being involved and having fun. Everyone will be able to contribute points to their team no matter their performance in each Open workout. At the time of the Open I will be 5 months out from shoulder surgery. I will be signing up. I will make my best attempt to perform the scaled versions of the workouts, and if even those are beyond my abilities, I will do whatever portion of the workouts I can. And yes, I’m looking to be drafted. 

None of this fun time shenanigans is a go without team leaders. Interested? Send me an email,, and let’s get this Open Team Cup party started. 

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