Pull-ups 85% of 1RM, 3×3 reps

Then, "Running Jeremy"

400m Run

21 – 15 – 9 of:

Overhead squats, 95#/65# (50% of 1RM)


400 meter run

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Alan Anderson carries a lot of weight between his legs.

Alan and Anna Anderson were Verve's first athletes exactly one year ago today. Alan works with Matt at North Metro Fire and took a chance on our passion for CrossFit.  Together they followed us and worked out in our garage, Commons Park, Altitude Peak Fitness and finally here at 38th.  They both travel from Evergreen, which is not exactly close to the gym.  They have been athletes at many competitions, gone with us to California, and been a big part of our lives this past year.  From day one, they have not only been dedicated to the workouts, but the Zone/Paleo diet.  We are grateful to them.  Today we recieved this letter from Alan:

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some personal information with you both.  I don't mind if you even post my information on the website, if you feel the need (we feel the need).  It is really some amazing information.  I am just so impressed and really proud of these "different" accomplishments that CrossFit has done for me.

It has been right at a year now that Anna and I have been a part of CrossFit Verve.  Just by chance, I had my physical and blood work, completed the week before we started working out in your garage.  We started the Zone Diet the last week of October 2008.  Although, we have had some very strict weeks Paleo/Zone periods, we have had a few cheat days/weeks ie. – Carnival Cruises.  Through it all, we really have been true to ourselves and our diets.  I believe our physical appearance proves that. 
Anna has probably has seen the most results.  I sometimes would even get a little down on myself because I would hear others at the gym talk about her changes, but I was not having as dramatic results.  Although, I knew I was looking, and most importantly feeling better, I wanted to have more proof and reassurance that all the effort we were putting into our diets was worth it. Yesterday, I got that proof. It was very impressive for me.  Here are some numbers that I want to share with you guys.
Physical from September 2008:
Weight – 182 lbs
Waist – 35"
Cholesterol 167 – Ideal Range —- 125-200
HDL Cholesterol 51 – Ideal Range —- > or = 40
LDL Cholesterol 99 – Ideal Range —- < 100
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 3.3 – Ideal Range < or = 5.0
Physical from September 2009:
Weight – 163 lbs  
Waist – 30"   
Cholesterol 180 – Ideal Range —- 125-200
HDL Cholesterol 78 – Ideal Range —- > or = 40
LDL Cholesterol 95 – Ideal Range —- < 100
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 2.3 - Ideal Range < or = 5.0
At first glance of those numbers, the thing that stuck out to me was my total Cholesterol number.  I was shocked it went from 167 to 180.  I hear guys at work commenting everyday about how my Cholesterol has to be out the roof; because I religiously eat four whole eggs EVERY MORNING with breakfast.  After learning more from the Dr. about Cholesterol, I was totally looking at the wrong number.  The Doc stated when you are looking at Cholesterol, do not look so much at the total number.  What matters is your HDL/LDL and your Cholesterol to HDL ratio, that is what is important. After thinking about it…this must be what Robb Wolf was getting at in his class about particle size vs. total Cholesterol number. The Dr. was shocked to see the change in my HDL (Good Cholesterol).  His exact words were, "I have never seen an HDL number this high in a male patient before.  I usually only see these kinds of numbers in women with higher estrogen levels" (which honestly, I don't know exactly how to take that one).  But he also said, "You do not normally see such a dramatic change in someones HDL and Cholesterol/HDL Ratio between physicals.  Whatever it is that you are doing with your diet and exercise routine, keep it up, it is Amazing!" Quite honestly, I have never heard a doctor so excited about something like that before. After his exam he wanted to talk a little longer about my nutrition and what "Diet" I follow.

It was just really a cool experience! I know you get thanks all the time for what you guys do from your clients and friends, but it was cool to have the light turned on for me yesterday! I know we (as members of Verve) do the work, and have to make our own decisions on what WE put in our mouths…but YOU GUYS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MOTIVATING US TO DO WHAT WE DO!!!! I want to thank you for that! For me, the proof has been seeing Anna change…seeing my changes in the mirror…and even the way I feel everyday in general….But seeing my blood work before Crossfit/Zone, and now one year later….That is where the rubber meets the road! It is just cool to now see what it is all doing for me on the inside as well.
Your Fellow CrossFit Verve Cult Follower,

Proud of you Alan; your dedication, determination, and positive attitude.  Your presence in the gym is always a positive one and your experience reflects your hard work.  Keep it up!


  1. Jeff McDowell :

    Congrats man! It’s motivating to hear about your success. I know that I’ve always looked at you and Anna as Crossfitters to emulate. This is more inspiration of why I need to keep myself dedicated so that I can achieve my goals.

  2. Rachel :

    Hey Girls, quick reminder about Joylyn’s Bachelorette Party. Tomorrow night, 10/2/09 starting @ 4:30pm at The 9th Door in Lodo. Make sure you’re wearing the theme: Black/White w/ a SASSY accessory. Also, make sure you wear comfy dancing shoes 🙂 If you could, please give me heads up if you think you’ll make it there right at the start, otherwise, call me. Thanks!
    cp-303-829-2758 or email:

  3. Luke :

    Alan, you are the man. Keep it up dude. Word.

  4. Congrats Alan! That’s pretty damned impressive! You should be very proud; This is a big deal!
    Happy Anniversary to you and Anna! Thanks for always offering excellent feedback and advice 🙂 You guys rock!

  5. stef :

    Okkkk… just saw this from Greg… “Umm Just a little note about all of you having birthdays in October. Your parents got drunk on some sort of Valentines day retreat and here you are. And thank goodness for that. Hugs, kisses mean it.”
    hahahahahaha. i never realized that before. hilar.

  6. Jack :

    Congrats to everyone for taking steps towards a healthier life. AND a huge congrats to Alan for the aforementioned successes.
    You should be really proud (I know you probably are), but whatever. Its justified. Thats all I’m saying….

  7. Gayle :

    I am soooooooooo sorry for being a big space head. I owe you a day! See you when I get back from vacation-which I clearly need.

  8. Donna :

    Very impressive, Alan. Congrats – and that’s one impressive set of pastel colored cojones, too.
    Cherie, will you please share the combined total number of pounds lost during the challenge? That would be fun to know. I bet as a group we lost a few hundred. Everyone is looking great.

  9. Holly :

    Alan, you and Anna both look great! Congrats!
    Thanks Zac for pushing me tonight! And thanks to Leet for running with me the last 400m! You guys rock!

  10. Joylyn :

    Sweet pic Alan! You and Anna continue to amaze me. I’m so glad to have y’all as family !
    Love the new Verve banner! Nice work Theno 🙂
    CFTotal tonight, both Mas and I saw improvements from last time: Mas went up 40# on his deadlift, I went up #20–yippeeeee! It was a good day…have had some off days, so it felt nice to redeem them.
    See all you hot ladies tomorrow night for a good time!

  11. Alan,
    I know it takes guts to be a fire fighter but this is just ridiculous! 🙂

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