Back Squat 85% of 1RM 3×3

Followed by, three rounds for time:

400m run

4 Clean & jerks, 85% of 1RM

15 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.
3 Block morning cereal, just add eggs.
"Who says no more cereal?"
Put in blender:
1.5 Apples
9 Almonds
0.3 Cups water
Cinnamon to taste.
Blend to desired consistency.  Pour into a sauce pan and bring to a light boil.  Pour in bowl, with added Cinnamon if desired.  3 Blocks Carb / 3 Blocks Fat (need 3 blocks protein).
How has the nutrition challenge been going?  We have heard some rumors of cheats and frustration.  Don't fret if you are not 100% zone for these 8 weeks.  The idea here is to work towards making healthy choices for your body, long term.  If you can make it 80/20, that is great.  Make sure that you have realistic goals and are logging your foods.  If you fall off that wagon, it's okay, just get back on.    Rome wasn't built in a day, so be easier on yourselves and remember it's a lifestyle change. 
How are you feeling, looking, and performing?  We want to know!


  1. Tiff :

    nutrition challenge = CHALLENGING right now. not doing as well as i’d like. but the good thing is tomorrow is another clean slate….=) last few weeks have been a doozy, trying to learn how to maintain nutrition at high quality when life is uh…working you over so to speak. that is a challenge! i am feeling tired, struggling to sleep enough to feel rested. i am performing ok…getting stronger (as in lifting more weight) but not sure if i’m seeing gains in the cardio end…i guess we’ll see when we have some repeat wods.
    cat! i’ve missed the noon class. also….i am SO SAD that i can’t come saturday. i just realized (cuz she reminded me) it is my sister’s bday and sadly, i can’t miss her bday mystery dinner theater festivities and go hang out with my crossfit buddies and some pygmy goats to drink beer and throw hay bales around…even though part of me really really wants to…heh. could it possible BE any more fun???? i submit that it can NOT!
    one of those moments i wish wish wish i had a cloning machine and could simultaneously enjoy both events with my two bodies controlled by one master brain. ahhhhhh….too bad no one has invented that yet.
    anyhoo…have a FANTASTIC time all!!!! i’m so sad i will miss it…

  2. Apple cereal is so good, but beware you don’t want to overheat it. The wonderful smell will make you want to eat it up despite the blazing hot temp, leaving your mouth burned and unable to enjoy your delicious cereal.

  3. Victoria :

    Hey guys! Thanks for the uplifting message about the nutrition challenge, I needed it! Recently I have been struggling and have been dissapointed with myself. When the zone challenge began, I was pumped and was completely confident that I could do it the entire time. I thought that my will power could overcome my cravings. As the weeks have gone by, my confidence has decreased because I am too hard on myslef when I do fall off the wagon.
    When I read todays post, it was actually a huge wake up call that it is ok if I am not 100% zone all the time. I think I needed to actually hear that IT IS HARD and other people are going through the same thing. I really appreciate all the support that you guys give us and the fact that you encourage realistic growth!
    Keep it up everyone! Mary and I have started taking turns making zone dinners every Tuesday night. Let me know if anyone wants to come next week! Not sure what I’ll be making yet but it’s sure to be yummy!

  4. Monique Orthober :

    I can relate to Victoria’s entry about the food challenge. I feel like I have been doing Zone about 85-90% of the time, but I have been absolutely terrible the last two weeks about putting the entries into my food log.
    I feel like my energy is good and I’m not terribly hungry throughout the day–thanks to carb swapping.
    Although, I don’t really feel like I’ve lost any weight or gained much strength. I’m not sure if I’ve hit a plateau or how to increase my performance while losing a couple more pounds.
    Probably keeping a better food log would help. Any thoughts?
    Great job to everyone doing the food challenge!!

  5. Jeff McDowell :

    Thank goodness tomorrow is my rest day! My boss and I did the WOD outside since the pullup bar and running was outside. Needless to say 106 degrees kicks a WOD’s intensity up a notch!
    Back Squat: 205#
    WOD: C&J 115# with total time 16:47

  6. Jeff McDowell :

    Thank goodness tomorrow in my rest day! My boss and I did the WOD outside since the pullup bar and running was outside. Needless to say 106 degrees kicks a WOD’s intensity up a notch!
    Back Squat: 205#
    WOD: C&J 115# with total time 16:47

  7. Hey Tiff! No worries… I hope things get a bit easier for ya. You’re always welcome to come and chill at my place anytime :). It’s quite nice to sit out side and listen/watch the goats do their thing with the dogs napping in the grass.
    As far as the challenge, things have been OK. I think what gets in my head is that I feel like they’re is no end in sight. So what I’ve gone to thinking about is that it’s MORE important for me to stay on track in the NOW and keep my focus on my first goal: losing weight and getting stronger.
    So if I’ve got a serious crazy about something I’m waiting it out to see if I can get over it. If not, I’m allowing a little. I can’t shut myself off from stuff totally sometimes. So to keep my head in the game, I have to allow some flexibility. I just promise myself that I’ll get back to The Zone ASAP. This doesn’t happen often if I keep myself busy enough!
    I’d say that it’s more that I’ve been hungrier lately too. I’m doing the carb swapping and the fish oil to help me along with the weight loss too.
    It is really hard sometimes but, for me, the biggest thing is not beating myself up about going off track as long as I keep my promise to get BACK on ASAP. No more breaking promises to myself. I have that fear of backsliding and I don’t want that to happen so the fear helps. No more being huge and unhealthy anymore. That’s where my focus is, the challenge is kind of second and is a spark that keeps the process interesting.
    It bothers me out to worry about winning or losing the challenge too much. Too much pressure. So I’m just trying to do better and see where that gets me.

  8. leslie :

    Thanks for the words of wisdom. I feel like I have a different approach (or outlook) to this challange every morning. The 20/80 comment really boosted my confidence and gave me a reality check- it’s okay to not be perfect. Though, I will say once I get off track, getting back on can be TOUGH.
    Had a great time with today’s workout! Nice job to the new gal- Heather- Those first weeks were brutal 🙂

  9. Matt :

    It’s worth mentioning that I switched back to Zone prescription meals (i.e. 444, 333) and backed off the carb swapping. Although I feel like I eat too much, I’m happier. Not sure about the performance end of it yet, but the hunger is gone.
    FISH OIL!!! If you are having a problem with hunger, top every meal off with 1g of high quality fish oil. It does help. Remember, log your meals, ask questions, and be detail oriented until the challenge is over. We’re here to help!

  10. Derek :

    Carb swapping and fish oil have really helped me a lot! This week I have switched back to only carb swapping on the last two meals of the day and I still feel pretty good. Today’s workout was really hard on me, some injuries defiantly were a factor, but from today’s workout I know I will shatter my back squat pr next time we test! Congrats to the noon class everybody hit it really hard. Also thanks Cherie for the words of advice, a good reality check.

  11. donna :

    What’s carb swapping?
    I’m having a hard time with the dieting at the end of the day. I seem to do fine until about 6 pm. Plus, some mean co-worker who knows I’m on a diet and just left a piece of (gluten-free) chocolate cake on my desk and ran away. Will start trying the fish oil tonight.

  12. Matt :

    That’s total BS, you should smash that cake all over your co-worker’s desk. Hater.

  13. Gayle Bereskin :

    I agree with Matt, Donna. That co-worker is one evil being. I would smear the chocolate on their chair and let them sit in it. 🙂

  14. Mary :

    I’ve been pretty good with the meals, but the timing is hard and the snacks, well, I’m terrible with them. Where I work the one and only table for everyone to eat at is a 4’x 4′ card table which is usually completely covered with a smorgasbord of snack food consisting of: giant muffins, doughnuts, potato chips and dip, tortilla chips and canned salsa, several kinds of cookies, at least one donated cake, donated breads from Panera, crackers, mini-chocolates and candy. It’s hard to not quickly grab one of those items and get back to work. I would rather eat my snack, but it’s so easy to grab something that is right there and ready to go especially when I’m drowning in work and don’t have time for eating. Another thing I find hard is saying “no” to going out for drinks with people. And I have to admit a lot of the time I say yes to going out for a drink or two or three.
    Have I fallen off the bandwagon? Am I even doing this whole diet thing right at all? Having Paleo-zone specific meals with people helps. Like Victoria said, we’re getting together on Tuesday nights for that so anyone who would like to join is welcome!:)
    P.S. Catherine…You have goats???!!! I totally want to come over!

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