Shoulder press – 5RM hold last rep overhead for :30 seconds

Push press – 3RM hold last rep overhead for :20 seconds

Push jerk – 1RM hold last rep overhead for :10 seconds

Post loads to comments. video demonstrating the pressing movements.

The shoulder press, push press, and the push jerk (or split jerk) comprise the pressing movements.  The foundations for the push press and the push jerk are laid with sound shoulder press mechanics.  If we begin today's WOD with a problematic shoulder press, realizing full potential on the other pressing movements will not occur.

Here are a couple of easy set-up tips that can start your workout off on the right foot.  First of all, establish a hip-width stance with your toes pointed straight and the weight centered mid-foot (i.e. not on the toes).  Begin with knees and hips fully extended and locked out.  Establish a tight midsection by setting your lumbar curve (rotate your pelvis to the front and tighten the extensor muscles) and creating a positive pressure in your abdominal cavity (blow your belly out and tighten your abdominal muscles).  Next, lock your ribs down into your abdomen, not allowing them to float outward.  You'll have the bar racked on the shelf created by your shoulders with your elbows down and out – but still in front of the bar.  Before attempting the lift, fill your thoracic cavity with air all the way up to the top of your wind pipe, creating a super strong chest (think Han Solo frozen in carbonite).

By taking your time setting up properly you better your chances for maximum weight and a successful lift.  If you don't understand some of the correction cues, such as "elbows forward" or "you're muting your hips", ask for clarification.  Go forth and lift heavy my children.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for… the results from the Paleo Challenge are in.  Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for tomorrow's post.


  1. May 9th!! Verve night out at the Rockies Game!!! (game is at 6:10) Zac talked about maybe getting his grill out for some pre-game bbq fun, and after..wherever the night takes us! Lemme know if your interested! I’m thinking we’ll just get rockpile tix or cheap seats somewhere, details to follow…

  2. Matt :

    I’m in!!! I haven’t been to a game this year, so fo sho.

  3. Anna :

    Hey guys, if anyone is planning on going to the games in Claifornia, Frontier is running a special for 99$ each way July 10-12, or 79$ if you leave tuesday wed, or thursday before and come back mon tues or wed.
    Alan and I want to go and would like to rent a place out there if we get a big enough group. Let us know ASAP. I will start looking for a house to rent. Make sure you sign up as a spectator, space is limited.
    Hey Cherie, what company did you use for the telluride house we used when out there?
    I am in for the rockies, but might be a bit late, have crossfit cert 1 that weekend.
    Is anyone wanting to go out this Saturday on the 2nd since that was the original date.
    Also is anyone interested in supporting the denver dumb friends league and doing a 2 mile run with your dog Saturday Morning. I think it is 40ish$ to run, all proceeds help the animals. Merlin, Tonka and I will be there. Would love to go out Saturday night if anyone is interested.

  4. Holly :

    Which saturday is Dumb friends league? I would be in for that!!!!

  5. Tiff :

    Anna – I would absolutely LOVE to go to the games, rent a place w/y’all, and chill in CA for a few days. My schedule is flexible so I’d be down to just do the wknd or do a few days extra depending on what others are doing. Going to go sign up as a spectator now!!!

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    Jared and I are in for Rockies!! My friend Michael thinks it would be a good idea to get the rockpile tickets early so I was going to go ahead and get a bunch……..I’ll put a sign up sheet on the cork board in the gym and everyone who wants to go sign up by Monday (5/4/09) and I’ll take care of getting the tickets. Can’t wait for Bison Burgers and Sweet Pot. Fries!
    I love Farmer’s Markets because I think the food is better quality. My favorite is the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market held in the parking lot of the Cherry Creek Mall next to Bed, Bath,and Beyond. You can get grass fed beef at one of the booths: Snow Creek Ranch Steaks. They are delicious! Seriously the best beef I have ever had!
    As for this Saturday, I don’t know yet what my schedule looks like but I will keep you posted Anna!

  7. Gerson M :

    Been out with a cold, I’m moving and training in Ft.Carson… missing the verve and working out with you guys! I’m in for the ROX game… Anna and Alan can I tag-along to Cali? I’d love to go, where can I sign up as a spectator?

  8. Anna :

    This Saturday is the “FURRY SCURRY” you can look and sign up at the denver dumb friends league. The run is at Washington park in Denver.
    Gerson, go the on the right side of the page are all the upcoming events. Scroll down past the level 2 certs and you will see the 2009 games. Click on it and that is where you register to be a spectator. I think each day is like 30$
    Maybe, if we get enough people interested from verve we could do the group affilate challenge. Anyone up for that?

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