Two rounds, each for time of:

1000m Row

20 Walking lunges, 48kg (32kg)

10 Burpees


Post individual times to comments.


Chris pulling heavy after a little time in the Gunnison – welcome back.

Today is Anthony's last day in town.  For those of you who have the opportunity to say goodbye to him in a morning workout, beg him to come back soon.  We'll miss him and his positive attitude as much as you will. 

A big thanks to Jeff McDowell for his help installing the sound system at Verve.  Without his help, this project would have taken all day – you're the best Jeff!  By the way, the iPod dock is compatible with ALL types of iPods, so bring in a playlist.  The gym sounds great too!

Lastly, yesterday was the last day for slogan submissions.  We're tallying the one's we liked the most and we'll post the top five for everyone to vote on.  There were some great submissions and we're confident that the next t-shirt will be awesome. 


  1. TmRMaNsR :


  2. Rich :

    It was great working out with Anthony, he taught me a lot and whooped my ass on several different occasions – which I thanked him for after it was all over!
    Today’s WOD looks like fun, not even a blizzard will keep me from the Verve!
    Be safe if you are out and about!

  3. Matt :

    Anyone needing to cancel today b/c of snow, please remember to do so on our scheduling system (there will be no 12hr penalty today). We are still holding classes, but if nobody is scheduled we’ll stay indoors and avoid the roads too.
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Rich :

    I went ahead and canceled my 430 WOD, don’t want to mess with the roads, or have Matt/Cherie mess with them either. I will still get a workout in here at the apt complex, its not the Verve, but better than nothing! I rescheduled Friday for 630pm since I am called into work for tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. Sara Weisbart :

    Paleo Question:
    I bought some beef jerky from Trader Joes to make my own “paleo kits”. It’s organic/veggie fed beef, but I just realized it has organic apple cider vinegar, organic evaporated can juice, and organic soy sauce… All of these are on our no no list I believe. So, should I use it or not???
    Also, bye Anthony! Hope you have fun and stay safe! See you when you get back! Hope you all are enjoying the snow storm!

  6. Sara Weisbart :

    sorry- evaporate *Cane Juice

  7. Matt :

    Sara, if you are rolling with the strictest of rules – no go. But, the thing to look at on the nutritional info on the back of the label is the amt. of sugar in the jerky. Anything above 3g is too much. Any gas station brand jerky will be loaded with brown sugar and will therefore have a very high sugar content in relation to serving size. Hope this helps. Keep on keepin’ on.

  8. Joylyn :

    the look in Chris’s eyes says it all . . .

  9. Luke :

    at 11’s . . .
    5 rounds, 5 deadlifts @ 275, 10 burpees.
    7:26. Beat my old time by over 8 minutes. Was able to complete all deadlift sets unbroken. Very happy right now.
    Anthony, be safe. We’ll see you in May.
    Chris . . . wow, great pic 🙂 Maybe instead of a slogan on the new Verve t-shirt, we could just photo-copy that picture. Way to be.

  10. Matt :

    Luke! Great job on the burpee/deadlift WOD. I like the idea of one of those cheesy picture shirts made with this pic on it – it’s funny as hell. Wait till you see tomorrow’s pic. It’s right up there with this one.

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