"The Bear"

Five rounds of:

7 Sets of the bear sequence

Power clean

Front squat

Push press

Back squat

Push Press

Rest between rounds as needed.  Once you have started the sequence, the barbell cannot rest on the ground – the sequence is "touch and go".  Increase the load each round to end on max weight. 

Post load to comments.

The Bear being done at the old CFHQ.

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  1. Danimal :

    Wow, this workout looks crazy! I like it.

  2. Matt :

    Prepare to work your grippers…

  3. Amy :

    “I meant to go pee but I looked at my abs instead”
    I actually said that last night…..

  4. stef :

    First, amy… I’m seriously laughing. And I’m sure other’s laughed and you were totally serious!
    Anyway, SAD that today’s my day of rest. This workout is SO needed. Something about stress relief 😉

  5. Dan :

    Just stopping by and seen the WOD. I like it. Did it at the station this morning so I couldn’t go to hard core with metal weights but ended with 155lbs. What type of weight would be a strong showing? I’ve never seen this WOD. By the way, let’s see some pics of the facility transforming.

  6. cherie :

    155# is an awesome showing, great work. We don’t have a signed lease YET! We are on standby for tomorrow am. Once we have the lease we’ll send pic’s.

  7. Amy :

    YOu know, I was wondering where all those pictures Matt and Cherie have been taking are going…..but then I realized that I was OK with them not showing up because I have a tendency to look like skeletor with ill-fitting pants.

  8. Matt :

    Those pictures will reappear, don’t you worry about that Amy. You’ll be happy we took all those pics… just keep up the hard work.

  9. cherie :

    Cherie (1rep of 105)
    Jared 65.95 105.115.120
    5 burpees
    10 wallball(10#)
    15 sit-ups
    20 squats
    25 ball slams
    20 squats
    15 sit-ups
    10 wallball
    5 burpee
    Sara 5:30
    Great job Sara thanks for coming to joining us.
    The bear is my new favorite workout!

  10. cherie :

    Dan you were right, I stand corrected. It does say thrusters are okay!!!!!

  11. Matt :

    Dan, I think 155# is very respectable. It was weird how quickly those rounds snuck up on you. I could only complete 4 rounds before I had to coach, but 4 was enough… damn!
    Might have been able to get another 10 or 20, but it would have hurt. Dropping the PP to the back squat was getting incredibly painful (I’ve got the bruises to prove it).
    Hope you are well in the RC.

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