"Tabata Something Else"

With a continuously running clock, complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The first 8 intervals are pull ups, the second 8 are push ups, the third 8 are sit ups, and the last 8 are squats.  There is no rest between exercises.

Post reps of the 32 intervals to comments.

Last done November 13th 2008.


Joei jerking 85#, way to go Joei.

CrossFit can be a very passionate undertaking.  Some will never train any other way again, praising the program as "the truth" in fitness.  Others despise it and swear never to do a daily WOD, getting angry when it is brought up in conversion.  What do you hear about CrossFit and what is your response?


  1. Danimal :

    Joei, sweet pic! You’re a bad ass!

  2. Luke :

    I’ve had many conversations with people about Crossfit, and the most common concerns are either 1.) You have to already be in shape to do it, and, 2.) “I’ve heard about all these people getting hurt doing Crossfit . . .”
    Besides that, it’s either a concern from men of losing bulk, or an apparent disbelief that you can get fit with a workout that can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. It goes against the train of thought of these incredibly driven people who typically spend 1-2 hours at the gym honing their immaculate bods. I’m always quick to say that WOD’s are completely scalable, and, that the quickest way to get hurt is to perform a movement with a lot of weight and with really bad form, and that we work hard to prevent that from ever happening. For the really tough skeptics . . . I just offer them a free trial. Come give it a shot.

  3. mas :

    Where do I begin? The more that I get into Crossfit, the more passionate I become about it. I see how the “gang” is improving everyday. Crossfit is on the edge of training. Just when I think there cannot be anything that could be harder. They come up with another, over the top; functional movements that make me second-guess my manhood. I hear people at work tell me “I hate crossfit, I got hurt doing the workout”. I think to myself, did you take the time to understand why you are doing this movement? Or did you just watch the video on the main site? I want to teach these people everything that I have learned. And in some way transfer my enthusiasm of Crossfit to them.
    Why do I do Crossfit?
    Because I do not want to become a statistic. 54% of all Line of Duty Deaths in the Fire Service is cardiac related. I do Crossfit to protect my brothers and sisters that I go into the fire with. And I owe it all to my sweet fiancé. Without her, I would not even have known about Crossfit.

  4. Wow, glad to see someone answered the post – and from the heart! I feel the very same way about CrossFit as Luke and Mas do. I started CF’ing so that I would be more capable of doing my job. I would rather go into a fire with a CF’er than with a non-CF’er any day of the week.
    Safety is a concern, like Mas said. Learning the movements is fundamental to your success at increasing your work capacity over broad time and modal domains. Its the main reason we require the Elements course of every one of our athletes. It sets you up for success and puts your training on the right track from the get go.
    What I hear the most is… the money. People have a hard time swallowing the rate that CF gyms charge for their personal training, group WOD’s, and Elements. What do I tell people that ask me why we charge so much? I tell them that it is small group training where you’ll have a set of eyes on you at all times, correcting your form, pushing you, and scaling your WOD as necessary. I also sometimes respond with… its not for everyone. There’s 24 hour fitness gyms everywhere that charge $40/mo. Unfortunately, these people will never get the opportunity to experience our community, which is the best part of our little gym.
    Oh, and yes, I’ve certainly heard “you can’t get a good enough workout in 20 minutes” or “CrossFit is just a marketing ploy”. Really, its simply the best fitness program out there. It unleashes true potential in people and makes them happier and more confident. Try it and then tell me its a marketing ploy.
    Alan 366
    Anna 317

    Tom M. 397
    Flip 206 (blue)
    Lil 300 (green)
    Doug 304 (white)
    Dan 325
    Sara 282 (2 bands)
    Melissa 296 (blue)
    Gerson 321
    Mas 292
    Luke 363
    Joylyn 283 (white)
    Elizabeth 301 (green)
    Hillary 296 (green)
    Lisa 288 (green)
    Shelby 277 (green)
    Cheresa 336 (blue)
    Emmalee 370
    Jared 323

    Big improvements! Jared – that’s unbelievable. Good to see you back.

  5. Elements #2
    Tim 11:13 (55#, 20kg)

  6. James :

    I was actually having the “Crossfit is evil” argument with someone the other day who was arguing, without any evidence, that Crossfit workouts are dangerous. I think the argument basically boils down to “It’s really HARD, so it has to be really HARD on your body.” I tend to think that the workout being hard makes your body harder and more able to withstand the rigors of life, but I don’t have any evidence for that position either. I also think that the difficulty of the workout builds mental toughness and makes me a better person. But that’s not what everyone’s looking for. Fitness is not important to some people and I understand that. Rising to a challenge is not important to some people and I understand that as well. Those people aren’t Crossfit people. I tend to like Crossfit people: they’re a little bit crazy, but they’re dedicated, tough, and focused.
    /End ramble

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