Five rounds for time of:

15 Push press, 95# (65#)

20 Box jumps, 24" (20")

Post time to comments.


Chelsea working hard on squat clean and thrusters, weren't those fun!

An exercise in accuracy that benefits the mechanics of a box jump: while performing the box jump, keep a natural head position that focuses the eyes on the horizon rather than on your target – the box. 

By staring directly at the box during the jump, your head assumes a position that causes a loss of lumbar extension.  In a head-down position, your lumbar curve is compromised and robs your hips of their power potential.  Instead, train yourself to maintain a focus on the horizon and develop your peripheral vision.  This will allow you to preserve your lumbar extension in favor of full hip potential, leading to a more powerful jump.


  1. Joylyn :

    Mas is going to the regional games! Woohoo! His P-school final is the week before, so no excuses not to go. Can’t wait for that pullup bar for both of us!

  2. Amy :

    Joylyn- 1st) I am sooooo excited for regionals!!!! Glad that Mas can make it since he will do AWESOME! (and of course you too!)
    2nd) Here is the link to my cousin’s blog:
    Anyone who wants to read this: I really want to do well at Regionals but am worried that my training is going to be interrupted by this back muscle that won’t relax…..I don’t have any injury but I do have this ridiculously tight muscle that literally takes my breath away (so painful when I move that I gasp for air). If anyone has any suggestions, I will do anything! Including electrified acupuncture.

  3. Alan :

    Amy, Anna and I know a GREAT massage therapist. She is pretty inexpensive too!
    Joylyn…Did Mas sign up before the deadline!!!???? RIGHT ON!!!!!

  4. cherie :

    Yeah MAS that make 12 Verver’s representing. We’re going to need a tent and good zone fixins, maybe even a massage therapist on site.
    Amy – we love seeing your cousins blog, thanks for sharing and good luck with the electrified acuptuncture, Matt sure enjoyed it.

  5. Mas :

    Joylyn lied to me!! She said she was signing me up for an oyster shucking class! Oh well, it should be fun.

  6. Joylyn :

    Amy–thanks so much, it was fun catching up on her work! How cool of an idea to log all those memories. I wish I had written down all those new crossfit moments/pains.
    Hey I hope your back heals up. I had an ashiatsu (sp?) massage last year, that was awesome! Other than a massage, I usually just alternate some heat on those sore back spots, along with some daily stretching. I’ve got some icy/hot if you wanna borrow some from me and my old man. Lemmeno.

  7. anthony :

    James 12:45
    Stef 13:09
    Tiffany 8:08(25# on arm push press)
    Emily 14:35
    Lisa 15:02
    Cheresa 10:20
    Shelby 14:00(45#)
    Hillary 14:04
    Joei 20:25(50#)
    Melissa 10:24(35#)
    Lil 13:24(45#)
    Emmalee 9:00
    Doug 19:19
    Flip 14:39(75#)
    Tom 10:51
    Anna 11:50
    Luke 8:30
    Sara 13:50
    Dan 7:48
    Erin 10:22
    Mas 10:44
    Joylyn 11:02
    E#1 Janet
    3 rnds 250m row, 10 squats

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