As many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

Kettlebell snatch, 53# (35#)

Use as many hand switches as needed, but when the kettlebell touches the ground time is stopped and reps are totaled. 

Post reps to comments.


Nicole nailing down the front squat in Elements #1.

More funky schedule changes: the 8:30am class will now start at 8:45am.  This class will still conclude at 9:30, so be on time and ready to roll, as this will now be a 45 minute class.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but this will not be an issue when we move into the 38th & King location in the Highlands.  We are as ready as you are!

On another note, today's WOD will require a little hand care both before and after.  The callus shavers that Santa brought to CFV are the perfect tool for removing hand calluses.  Simply soak your hands for five minutes in warm water and shave each one down until smooth.  This can also be done in the shower, but don't leave the razor in there as it will surely rust.


  1. Tiff :

    hooweeee!!! Cherie, thanks for kickin my butt tonight! That was ridiculously amazing…in the way only crossfit can be. =) Thanks to all for cheering me on the last couple sets, I needed it!

  2. Matt :

    Whatever it takes Tiffany. If it isn’t encouragement, its competition – you simply have to find the motivation that works for you. Nice job today.

  3. cheresa :

    I feel like a real crossfitter today b/c I ripped my first callus!!! The pain feels so good! I am already withdrawing from WODs and I haven’t even left for mexico yet! See u all next week!

  4. Joylyn :

    Sorry I’ve missed you all the last couple days! I really do miss those WOD’s with such a great group of people. On the plus side, I did get in on a structure fire last night–and man–it felt good to do some hard work. Just like every WOD at the Verve. Anyhow, take care and I’ll see y’all on Saturday if I’m still awake. Cherie–I’m now scheduled to work Sunday and won’t be at the WOD–Mas will make it up for me 🙂

  5. Amy Schaeffer :

    I am having WOD withdraws too!! When I got home I literally had no idea what to do with myself. ….I even stopped talking for a while, which is pretty rare ( Jared and Dan, you’re welcome).

  6. Mas :

    Whoa! To make up for Joylyn, will there be a test involved? Or do I just have to get her homework for her?

  7. Cherie :

    I vote that you give her homework.:)
    Amy are the withdrawls the reason I have you signed up for two workouts tomorrow?
    Cheresa – we’re going to miss you have fun and take pictures doing the travel WOD’s. By the way Jen I never got pictures of your travel WOD’s
    Tiffany, you kicked ass today. Nice work.

  8. cherie :

    Ben 108 (20kg)
    Anna 140 (12kg)
    Cherie 167
    Cheresa 192 (12kg)
    Erin 210
    Hillary 217 (8kg)
    Steff 153 (8kg)
    Emmalee 154
    Matt 212
    Cookie: Row 500 m
    Ben 1:36
    Anna 2:12
    Cheresa 1:59
    Hillary 2:17
    Erin 1:52
    Steff 2:01
    Matt 1:26
    Cherie 1:50
    Emmalee 1:57
    Row 5K
    Kiley 24:11
    Tom 9:34
    Britt 9:27 (20#, green/white)
    Emily 9:21 (20# green/white)
    4 Rds for time
    Row 500m
    25 pull-ups
    Jen 21:02 (green/white)
    Nicole 13:13 (35#/24#)
    Tiffany 17:55 (65#/35#)
    WOW that was a lot of WOD’s. Great job everyone.

  9. Matt :

    It is addictive isn’t it?!? Even rest days are a bummer. I’d like to be like Wolverine and have some sort of regenerative superpower so that I never miss a WOD. That might even enable skiing and a WOD on the same day without the risk of collapse. Ah rest days… thankful that tomorrow isn’t a rest day – its going to be good.
    Great job today everyone – Britt and Emily, congrats on finishing elements and “Fran”. It was a lot of fun tonight.

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