"Two Minute Defense"

Five rounds of:

1 Power clean, 135# (95#)

3 Hang squat cleans, 135# (95#)

2 Jerks, 135# (95#)

Sprint 200ft

After the five rounds, rest two minutes.  Repeat. 

Compare to December 31st, 2008.

Post time to comments.


Alex joins us with his brother Nat… two strong guys with a ton of enthusiasm.


  1. Elizabeth :

    DAMN!!! I can’t come tomorrow. Can I do this one on Thursday?

  2. stef :

    Ha. Funny, I’m writing to say the same thing as above… Well, I can’t come thurs but this one looks sick! I wanna do it – in hot AZ instead.

  3. Monique Orthober :

    Welcome Ritter brothers!

  4. Monique Orthober :

    Ha! I’ve known your family for how long and I still spelled your last name wrong.
    Welcome Ridder brothers. 🙂

  5. Joylyn :

    Okay, I will try and do this one at work today….in hot northern CO (that’s for you Stef). It looks like a true a**kicker.
    Welcome brothers Ridder!
    Alan & Anna–I forgot to RSVP on the bulletin board, but Mas and I will be there Saturday…we’ll bring a spinach/strawberry/pine nut paleo friendly salad for a side. My sis may come too with us…but I won’t known till she gets back in town Friday.

  6. Matt :

    Awesome WOD noon class, thanks for the WOD. Derek – lookin good, keep up the good work. Jeff, good to see you brother – you haven’t lost a step.

  7. Alan :

    Joylyn, Thanks for the update. We will probably do our shopping on Friday for meat. I will just shop for her as well assuming she may come!

  8. Derek :

    Thanks for the encouragement, Today was tough but I feel great now.

  9. Tiff :

    attn all outdoors enthusiasts!!! if there is anyone who is interested in some mtn action in the next couple days, this is for you!
    we are getting a group together to head up camping on friday, drive into avon for the fireworks that night (yes! fireworks on the 3rd!!), then meet up with some folks to hike a 14er on saturday morning…i’ve been hearing bierstadt?
    we’ll head back to d-town for some afternooon/evening 4th festivities and/or *gasp* work….(sorry chris)
    any takers? camp? hike? both?

  10. Erin :

    Hey Ververs! Yes, Tiff is correct…there are a few of us who are planning on hiking Mt. Bierstadt on Saturday morning July 4th. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us! So far the people going for sure are:
    Me, Gerson, Toal, Joylyn and Mas.
    The goal is to meet at my place in the Highlands (or Verve if that is easier) Saturday morning at 7:45. I can’t go any earlier b/c I work and don’t get off until 7am on Saturday.
    Mt. Bierstadt is one of the easier 14’ers to climb. It is 7 miles round trip. It is near Mt. Evans outside of Georgetown. The trailhead is on Guanella Pass. We are hoping to hike it CF Verve style–hard and fast!–so we can all get back to town for afternoon fireworks/BBQ’s etc…
    Make sure to bring water, snacks, and some clothing layers (rain coat, hat, gloves) for the top–it can get cold and windy. Dogs are welcome–Joylyn and I are bringing ours. SO 4 dogs already going! 🙂
    Here is a link to the 14’er site if anyone wants to check it out before committing (good photos and info).
    Post or call me to confirm if you are going!

  11. Chris :


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