"Two Minute Defense"

Five rounds of:

1 Power clean, 135# (95#)

3 Hang squat cleans, 135# (95#)

2 Jerks, 135# (95#)

Sprint 200ft

After the five rounds, rest two minutes.  Repeat. 

Post total time to comments.


Lisa excited about her Elements #1.


Strong work from Elizabeth during Elements #2.

Happy New Year's Eve!  Being the last day of the year, we'll have all sorts of new goals and resolutions that we look forward to holding you accountable for.  Let's get them in writing.  Post your New Year's resolutions and fitness goals to comments. 

Also, tomorrow (Thursday the 1st at 7:30pm) is a FREE WOD.  It's going to be a great workout and we will certainly be taping for a new video.  Don't forget to wear your finest suits (leisure suit, or otherwise) guys.  Girls, this is your chance to impress all the fellas with your fabulously puffy hair and dresses.  Stop in with a friend for your first workout and meet CrossFit Verve.

Great news, the t-shirts are in.  We have male and female shirts, all sizes.  We will start bringing them into the Gym.  The cost is $22 and all proceeds are going toward purchasing more equipment. YEAH for t-shirts.


  1. Liz :


  2. Liz :

    Yeah, I figured out how to post comments!!

  3. Cherie :

    Hi Liz!

  4. Matt :

    Hi Liz!!!

  5. Cherie :

    Hey if anyone has any extra formal wear post it here.
    BTW Jen I love the dress!

  6. patrick burke :

    I love this workout. Sucks a** really. Are you preparing some guys and girls for the Oly lifting competition on the 24th?
    It’s going to be a good time. Can’t wait to have you all up here again.

  7. jaRed :

    Today’s WOD was shocking to the core. This was the first time I have ever max’ed out on the dead-lift and I find that it is incredibly grounding to comprehend such weight. Quite the awestruck experience and a good change of pace.
    Now, what I want to be held accountable for… Such a great new conversation to be a part of with an extra-ordinary community! Always appreciated. I want consistent 5 WODS per week in 2009. I want to accurately Zone 5 days per week for all 52 weeks. I want to reach and maintain a maximum of a 12% body fat. I want to be able to dead-lift 400 lbs. I want to do Fran without resting. I want to share, inspire, influence, and sign up 10 people in my life. I want to create the best workout music ever. I want to carry the strength we learn in XFit into every other aspect of my life. I want to be unreasonable, passionate, strong, thorough, and dependable.
    Very excited to see the T-shirts! We have been waiting.
    Welcome everyone that is just joining into the Xfit, baddass, koolaid drinking, Verve community!

  8. Matt :

    Anthony 10:55
    Kiley 11:22 55#
    Liz 12:28
    Matt 10:25
    Cass 15:20 30#
    Jason 16:17 115#
    Emmalee 18:54
    Alan 15:34 115#
    Dan 10:49
    Luke 12:50
    Ben 13:25 115#
    Matt2 15:11
    Cherie 12:13

  9. Matt :

    Oh, and I forgot the cookies…
    15 minute row for meters:
    Liz 3123m
    Kiley 3088m
    1RM Deadleft
    Emmalee 225, 235, 245, 255, 260, 265, X270
    Cherie 255, 235, 245, 255, X260
    Slightly modified “Roaming Diane”
    21 225# deadlift
    42ft handstand walk
    15 225# deadlift
    30ft handstand walk
    9 225# deadlift
    18ft handstand walk
    Anthony 7:27
    Matt 4:36

  10. cherie :

    (I started at 225 above)
    Deadlift 275 with great form?
    I hope to be in the top 20 again for the 2009 games (competition is getting stiffer every year)
    95# to feel light
    75# thrusters to feel light
    6 minute Heavy Grace.
    35 pull-ups
    20 C2B pull-ups
    10 muscle-ups
    Be able to walk 20 feet on mt hands
    Vertical jump 18″
    I could go on and on………

  11. Amy :

    What exactly, is a cookie??
    My goals for the new year are to push myself to limits I never thought possible. I want to strictly zone for another month to get my diet back on track after this vacation and then maintain a Zone diet six days out of the week. I want to do 3 days on one day off with out missing one day the entire year. I want to max out my deadlift at 240 but work towards a higher weight once completed. By the end of 2009, I want to be able to do the “Nasty Girls” WOD with as great a form and speed as the girls in the video. I want to get my body fat up to at least 10% and I want to dramatically increase my lean body mass ( I don’t know what it is currently but basically I want to look like Cherie). I want to have perfect form on all the work outs that I do and I want to be able to do 100 straight push-ups (I can rest but no knees!!!!). Also, I want to keep up with Luke on the hand stand push ups as I hear that he is quite the badass. Basically, I want to be a CrossFitting SOB that can do things usually reserved for athletic men.
    ***I forgot to post yesterday’s WOD:
    For Time:
    100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats.
    Amy: 15:06
    Today’s WOD was done with my cousin Michelle and two guys who I inspired to try CF. They did 10 rounds and quit, which I told them was not really the idea of CF but at least they tried. They were really impressed that I was able to continue.
    20 mins, AMRAP of:
    5 push ups
    10 sit ups
    15 squats
    Amy: 18.5 (18 full rounds, 5 push ups, and 7 sit ups)
    Michelle: 11
    Blair: 10
    Zach: 10
    Also, are these even good times/reps to get?? I hope I challenging myself?!

  12. Cherie :

    Amy you are intense:)
    I will do Nasty girls with you at the end of 2009. You will be able to do it, I know you will.
    a cookie is something you eat after dinner;)
    100 push-ups. Okay start with 20 a day now.
    I’m excited we can be a part of your badass goals, it is that drive that will get you stronger than you already are:)

  13. Emmalee :

    Hey. . . I am all over the nasty girl workout with you guys! Some of my goals: are to up my cardio ability. I too would like to perfect my form, I bet that wwould help me go up in weight on the lifts for sure! My cookie though is like Cheries muscle ups all the way I’d like to do 10 in a row, 25 pull ups strict, 40 kipping ones. I would also like to get double my weight in a dead lift! Those are the first of many goals I have!

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