Five rounds for time:

20 Burpees

10 Handstand push ups

400m Run

Post time to comments.


We’ve had a lot of fun during the last few workouts in Commons Park.  Tonight was a little cold, but bearable.  Cherie got warm doing chest slapping pushups.  We’d like to thank Aleah for stopping by and doing such a great job tonight.  We hope to see you again soon!

During the next four days the schedule hours are going to be a little different.  We’re attending two CrossFit certifications this week, but we’ll still be holding classes.  Check the schedule for more information.  If you have any questions, call or email us.

FYI there is a new breakfast recipe posted. 


  1. Charlie :

    Wow – look at that air! Was that photo shopped in there:)

  2. cherie :

    Sorry about the delay with the remaining times from yesterday. Here they are;
    Anna 27:00 (parallettes)
    Ben 33:54
    Amy 23:26 (Knees, 15#)
    Cherie 22:07 PR by 3 minutes
    5 Burpees
    10 KB swings
    20 Sit-ups
    30 Squats
    40 Ball slams
    30 Squats
    20 Sit-ups
    10 KB swings
    5 Burpees
    Aleah 11:44
    Nice work everyone!

  3. Traumahawk :

    22:28 Substituted 60lb Push Presses for Handstand Push-Ups (Worked with what I had a Derda Rec. Center) Felt much better than yesterday! Still need my trainers back though! =)

  4. Cherie :

    Alan – Come with Anna to the 7:30pm Friday class, I have one spot left. Otherwise, rest up cause you have 3 days of fun waitng for you. Remind me and I’ll show you the HSPU sub next time I see you.
    Charlie – Thanks, I was a bit suprised at that photo myself. In reality, I thought I was getting maybe 2 inches off the ground.
    Favero – A hopper WOD or two or three, let’s make it a series, it is.

  5. Matt :

    Oh Favero, you bit and now she’s reeling you in. Don’t tell the guys at the firehouse just in case you get beat. My money is on you, but Cherie took down Matt Hunt of CrossFit HQ. He now owes her a “Big Momma” at any time she pleases…
    I say WOD #1: Tabata squats, KB snatches, burpees, and sit ups. This Saturday at Commons?

  6. Anthony :

    26:36. hspu’s not full rom. that was tough. hspu’s are much harder in a workout than by themselves

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