Five rounds for time of:

3 Snatch, 95#/65# (65% of 1RM)
15 Overhead squat, 95#/65#
Run 400 meters

Post time to comments.


Ryan knocking out pull-ups during this weeks pull-up fest.

Many people are curious about how to prevent hand tears.  Our recommendation is to build up tissue toloerance and improve grip without the aid of tape.  However, this takes time so here is our perfessional tip of the day: make reusable tape gloves that will save your hands during high rep pull-up WOD's.

First, start with a piece of tape that is more than double the length of your hand.  Fold it in half lengthwise.  Then, make a bend in it and keep the two sides as close as possible.

Tape1   Tape2 

Next, take the roll of tape and tape from the bend at the top (the finger hole) all the way to the bottom and continue halfway up the back side.  You'll want two strips for each hand, which you'll secure with a section of tape around the wrist and a section around the palm.

Tape3   Tape4 
There you have it – when you're done with your 150 pull-ups you can unwrap the wrist and palm and save the two finger strips.  These are nearly as good as gymnast straps and can be used in your next marathon pull-up WOD  Enjoi!


  1. bk :

    bk as rx’d 19:58

  2. Luke :

    and get a callus shaver. Havn’t had issues since i started shaving the calluses on my hands.
    Want a rest day, need a rest day. . . but really wanna do this WOD. Decisions. . .

  3. I’m also trying to practice better hand care. Bought some new and sharp implements as well. 🙂
    OH and I just did this workout. MY LUNGS! After the last 2 workouts my legs were not behaving today. Ran like a shuffling old lady where it is more like “running” than running.

  4. JenB :

    anyone else have Veteran’s Day (next Weds)off? am thinking of doing a half day of skiing/snowboarding

  5. Holly :

    Ohhh Jen….Where are you thinking about going? I’m off that day and should have my Colorado Pass by then….I’m game!

  6. JenB :

    I think A-Basin or Loveland are the only options this early, either are fine for me unless the half-day ticket $ is too high. will do some checking and let you know early next week.

  7. Holly :

    Keystone is open as of today as well….

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