"Wedding Day Jitters"

As a team of two, complete the following for time:

800m run

75 Pull-overs, 10#

150 Burpee ball cleans, 10#

300 Ball slam throws

800m run

All reps of each movement must be completed before moving on to the next movement.  Team members may exercise at the same time and partition reps as needed.

Post time to comments.

Partner workouts are fun, they push you harder than you might otherwise push yourself, (sounds like marriage)

What is your idea of ultimate health and fitness?

We are tallying all contestant information and nutrition contest winners will be announced in Monday's post. 

Tonights evening classes; please welcome the acclaimed Nicole Gibson from CrossFit Roots as your guest coach.


  1. Congrats Joylyn and Mas!!! Not that you’re looking at this website today… I hope you have a fantastic celebration 🙂

  2. Cherie :

    Thanks for the comments yesterday. You always put a smile on my face, thanks – CC
    (That coming from a girl who bought a wonder woman costume…)

  3. AmySchaeffer :

    Hey coaches ( Zack in particular) sorry I missed the noon WOD. As I was about to pull out of the parking garage I realized I had left my key card in my appartment so was locked in the garage but out of building. Anyway, I finally got back in but will have to attend tonight’s WOD.
    On another note, for the past few weeks I have been feeling pretty down and have had no energy. I thought about my diet the other day and realized I had not eaten breakfast in weeks! ( I know that is terrible) I made paleo pancakes with peaches and bacon on Tuesday and my mood was 100% improved, I had a TON of energy and ended up having one of the best days I have had in a long time! That just goes to show that even when I am getting my workouts in but not eating right, I am not nearly as productive/ healthy physically or mentally than I am with the combination of the two.

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