Snatch 3×3 85% 1RM

200m Overhead barbell/bumper lunges 45# (33#)

Post loads and time to comments.


Part of the 6:30 class; Anna, Mitch, Casey, Bethany and Jen, feeling the pain.

What is it that you wish Verve did or had?  Inquiring minds want to know!  More camp fire analogies? More pictures?  Do you get enough information?


  1. More chalk!!! I need chalk in order to be awesome. Lotsa chalk=awesome.

  2. gerson m :

    The info is great! You guys put your heart and soul into it. I’m not just saying that because I’m a member of verve, check out all the CF sites in Colorado… you’ll see… I have friends in Michigan and Georgia that follow verve and all the awesome nutritional (zone and paleo) info and pix, giving me shit about the pix! HAHA… well I’d like to mess with the tire, sledge hammer and some rope climb…
    Pretty sure I’ll think of other stuff, freak sleepy and I have homework… dam it! See you cats tommorrow

  3. Jack :

    I would love to be coached on running effectively, efficiently, and low impact

  4. Holly :

    Can we do another park workout before it gets cold??

  5. Matt :

    Good… good… keep ’em coming.

  6. Alan :

    I have benefited from watching videos on CrossFit. Not only did Verve’s badass coaching improve my form with my C&J’s for instance….But watching Luke P’s C&J’s one day made it all “click” for me! More videos on the site might be cool!

  7. Alan :

    Oh, and since I missed the snatch clinic a few months ago, I would love to see something like that again! Sometimes I feel a need refreshers to keep things dialed in!

  8. James :

    More t-shirts. And we need a big scoreboard-type clock for the wall. And masseuses on staff. And could you guys open up an organic grocery store in the space next door? Thanks.

  9. Holly :

    I’ll add to James- Someone to drag me to the gym on the days that I just dont feel like I have the energy to spare…maybe the masseuse would help….hmmmm

  10. Yes, I do want a fruit stand/farmers market in the same building because dammit…I’m ALWAYS running out of my favorable carbs!
    I do like the skills clinic stuff. Must do more GHD machine! Man did I feel that for several days!
    I think clinics up the emphasis on safety (not that it’s disregarded at this gym by any means) and makes it so we’re thinking more about WHAT we’re doing as opposed to how fast. Not that fast is bad but sometimes us old folks need a moment longer to chew on details. I could use help with my running and doubleunders as well.
    Sometimes I feel like I’d benefit if we cycled through some aspects of the CrossFit exercises (like we do with others) on a more regular basis. There are so many different things that sometimes some stuff isn’t done for awhile. Am I wrong in feeling like I’d improve faster at these things if we did them more often or does this go against the constantly varied thing?

  11. Derek :

    I love the skills day stuff, I also agree with Jack, maybe a running skills day. I also agree with Gerson, I would like to try some stuff with the tire and sledge, some out of the box fun stuff. Today’s workout was great, hard. I have been needing a day off but this whole week has been full of stuff I have really wanted to work on. Snatch felt really good today, I took Cherie’s advice from the other day and backed off on weight and worked on form, something clicked for me today and I think I got it down. Awesome day today

  12. Wiman :

    I miss the monthly highlight photos and workouts in the park!!
    We used to do more social things too…that or I am just out of the loop right now and missing things. It could very well be that.

  13. Sara Weisbart :

    I know we get lots of stretching in during warm up…but should I be stretching after the WOD? Kind of a silly question, but I never do, and man am I sore and tight this week (and most others!) I don’t think we have time to stretch as a group after the WOD…but would it help me? I did yoga the other day. It wasn’t a hard class, but it did highlight my tightness and soreness. So, there’s my input! Today was tough! I get so frustrated with those snatches. I can always get two in a row, and then the third falls apart. Keep working! 🙂 I really think James has some stellar ideas! I vote Yes on all!

  14. Joylyn :

    Ooops, I meant to post yesterday. I really appreciate the skills days and extra clinics. I miss some of the extra stretching post wod. And some more swimming and park wods pretty please!

  15. mark :

    Swimming, park wods, pictures, videos….also maybe on the schedule site…for verve members only if we had a list of everyone..and their picture so we could remember everyone’s name better..and also could have their e-mail to organize more fun awesome activites/hiking trips/bbq’s,

  16. Michele :

    I visit your site everyday! I love the all information that you provide!
    CrossFit by Overload (Murrieta, CA)

  17. Matt :

    Michele, that’s awesome that you check out our ramblings. We spend a lot of evenings arguing over “who’s posting tonight”, followed shortly by “I’ve got nothing remarkable to say”. The days when you see nothing at all for commentary… we’re either exhausted, drunk, or flat out of ideas (the drunk excuse doesn’t happen too often). Anyway, thanks for speaking up.

  18. Michele :

    Exhausted, drunk or flat out of ideas – it’s all good to me! Just read the post on taking care of our hands – I needed that one! Thanks!!
    Have a great night!

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