Front squat 85% of 1RM 3 X 3

Followed by:

How many muscle-ups can you preform in 30 minutes?

The substitutions are three pull-ups and three dips or muscle-up progressions.  Substitution will be determined by you and your trainer.

Post reps to comments.


What's better than Tabata sit-ups???  Everything.

All proteins are not created equal.

Obviously, certain cuts of meat have a much higher fat content and therefore more calories ounce for ounce.  Used sparingly, these meats will suffice, but should not be a staple of your diet.  Other protein sources such as fish, eggs, shellfish, poultry, and some dairy (not paleo) should make up the majority of your weekly protein intake.  Save cuts of red meat and pork for when you find yourself eating outside the confines of your kitchen, where options are limited.

Did you know that haddock and ground beef are both approximately 18% protein, yet haddock only has 22 calories/oz, while ground beef contains 80 calories/oz?  And did you know that Icelanders have some of the longest lifespans in the Western world, which may be because their staple protein is cod?  What about lobster?  Not only do you get more of it (1.5oz per block, compared to 1oz of beef or pork per block), but you also get a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids which help decrease inflammation. 

If you are celebrating a special event, or simply have some friends that are begging you to go out to dinner with them, suggest a place that serves fresh fish.  If you don't get buy in from the group, suggest a steakhouse like Texas Roadhouse, where you can get a small cut of high quality of meat ("The 6oz Dallas Fillet") and swap the sides for extra veggies.  Don't let others deter you from your goal. 

This Sunday, August 16th from 5pm – 7:30pm, Donna and Sandy Pryor will be hosting the first "Zone/Real Food" potluck.  A sign-up sheet for dishes will be posted in the gym today, so break out the Paleo/Zone cookbooks and get creative.  Remember, all people attending must be able to block out the dish you bring, so take notes.  Sorry, no pooches this time. 


  1. Sara Weisbart :

    Hey guys! So, I bought 2 tickets to see Dr. Cordain Sept. 7th at 7pm in Boulder for Dan and I. But….Dan has class so can’t go. Does anyone want to buy my ticket from me??? And keep me company as well?!?! It was $15. Let me know either at the Verve or my e-mail is Can’t wait for the pot luck on Sunday! Hope to see everyone there!

  2. Sara~
    Dangit! I’ve already purchased mine… If you’re interested in riding together, let me know 🙂
    Have to figure out my dish for Sunday…………..

  3. Joylyn :

    Who is going to take notes on Dr. Cordain for me pretty please?! I’m on shift and can’t go *sad sigh*
    On duty yesterday and today, no time for wods…but did my fitness eval yesterday and since last year I’ve lost 20#, improved my leg strength 25%, arm strength 17%, doubled my core strength, and improved my VO2 max by 25% to 46.5. Totally awesome and thanks to you all.
    Nutrition challenge is going much better for me now that I’ve increased and regulated my fish oil intake, especially taking it later in the day. Still need to work on the rest aspect some though.
    Saw this recipe yesterday for yummy breadless crab cakes….might have to give it a shot soon. If anyone else does, let me know what you think.

  4. Joylyn~
    WAY TO GO on the eval!!!! That’s awesome!!! CONGRATS! You are an inspiration to me for sure!
    I’ll take notes for ya… 🙂
    I hear ya on the rest stuff and fish oil. Bought fish oil yesterday and have myself (and my dogs) back on it. Maybe I’ll see a marked improvement. I’m also starting to carb swap more as well.
    Keep up the great work! Whoop!

  5. Danimal :

    oh man, this wod was fun…. nice job to everybody!!!

  6. OH and btw, I’m thinking of doing an end of summer party at my house. Any ideas on when a good time would be for people?
    My place isn’t fancy yet as I’ve been busy reversing the non-care by the previous owners. But maybe we can whoop it up before the cold sets in good n’ plenty. Boredom won’t be an issue, I have pygmy goats you can watch frolic. It’ll be twice as funny if you’re schnockered. 🙂

  7. Erin :

    Way to go Joylyn! You are such a stud girl. So proud of you!
    Sorry Mtn bikers for missing the ride this afternoon! Hope you all had a good ride.

  8. Tiff :

    YAY Joylyn! AMAZING job, girl…you’ve worked so hard!!!
    Sarah – i’d love to buy that ticket and join in on some paleo lecture fun!!
    cat – a party with pygmy goats?!!? ummmmmm…i’m coming early.
    so….my district is starting a “teacher wellness program” this year and i’ve asked to be on the committee that is spearheading it. i am so excited to share some of the knowledge and benefits i’ve gained in the last 8 months with my coworkers. the challenge is convincing them to try some changes out!!!! we’ll see. thanks to our amazing trainers and all of you who constantly are feeding me with new info and ideas! SO STOKED to creatively share what has become a huge passion of mine!!!
    thanks for a SWEET wod tonight! =)

  9. Matt :

    Owwww! My wrists are a little raw. Great to see the ladies pushing the dudes in a WOD – Cherie, Tiff, and Mel you guys did great @ 7:30. Lots of people completing MU’s for the first time, lots more completing 30+. Working that progression is the key.
    FS275#x3, 98MU w/lockout (1st time locking out every rep of a MU WOD).

  10. Danimal :

    98MUs Matt? pfff, what you couldn’t make a 100? LOL.

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