Select a weight to be used for presses with a barbell, suggested weight is 95# (65#).  Using that weight, perform shoulder presses until exhaustion.  Without putting the bar down or resting, continue with push presses until exhaustion.  Without putting the bar down or resting, continue with push jerks until exhaustion.  Rest.  Repeat two more times, adjusting the weight as necessary.

Post reps to comments.

Mary swinging 16kg during "Baby Eva"

Cookie: Max rep pull-ups. (Log book entry)

All those heading out int the am to CrossFit Highlands Ranch click here for directions.  The Chan's will not be able to make it out, though we encourage all Verve athletes who are interested to attend.  It is bound to be a fun and challenging day.

You have to walk before you can run.  When building strength to do pull-ups, there are all sorts of strength building modifications.  We have colored rubber bands from black to red to assist. We can also improve the strength of pull-ups by adding weight.  All of this increases our ability to execute one of the most effective upper body movements.  Ultimately, the ability (or inability) to do pull-ups is related to upper body strength.  Hence, the need for shoulder movements.  By performing varied shoulder movements to build upper body strength and core stability, your pull-ups improve.  If you can't yet do a pull-up (and I stress yet), this is a great place to start. 

According to the founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman; CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.  What is CrossFit to you? 


  1. Anna :

    Crossfit is life changing. I cannot tell enough people about it! I want everyone to find something in their life that makes them so happy. Crossfit is enabling me to be a better, healthier, stronger WOMAN!!! It will be apart of my life always.

  2. leslie :

    Will I get laughed out of the building if I use gymnastic grips for pull ups?
    Congrats on passing your test Coach Cherie!

  3. Matt :

    It makes me able to perform any task without question. I’m not afraid to try anything anymore – that’s a fantastic feeling. I am more capable b/c of CF.

  4. Sara Weisbart :

    To me Crossfit is a new found passion. I am so eager to work hard at it and give it my all! I miss the gym but am so glad to have the ability to do travel WODs with Dan!!! I just found this awesome recipe for Paleo protien shakes! It´s a video on youtube…sounds a little gross, but a great idea for a very healthy breakfast! I always have eggs and fruit, but chicken or salmon and veggies is definately a much better choice! These in liquid form would be much more doable for breakfast! Someone should try it out and let us know how it tastes! We are getting soooo sick of eating bad carbs! we have realized how LUCKY and fortunate we are to be able to eat high quality foods/a Paleo diet. We are also lucky to have to means to exercise and to hold the knowledge on how to take care of our bodies. It is a luxury!
    Paleo protien shake:

  5. Matt :

    It doesn’t sound a little gross – it sounds awful!

  6. Tiff :

    just plain fun. i miss it! =/

  7. Chris :

    Crossfit to me is knowing that every time I go I can push myself to the limit and say that I will finish…even though 9 time out of 10 during the workout I say I cant. Luckily there is a SPECTACULAR support system that will not let you give up…Thanks everybody for that

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