Thursday 091217

Five rounds for time of:

400m Run
5 Snatches, 75% of 1RM
15 Push-ups
Post time to comments.
Congratulations to James on his first rx'd WOD with handstand push-ups. 
Thanks Catherine for this video on "Sugar: The honest truth".  Take the time to watch this, it is well worth the hour and a half it takes.



  1. Stef :

    Dear CFV, there are a lot of handstand pics recently…. is there something we should be prepping for? I mean, I’ll just stay in prep for my PT… you guys have fun in handstand world!
    Stef – out.

  2. Jeff "CueBall" McDowell :

    James, congrats brother! I’ve yet to be do majority of the WOds RX’d but that feeling when you start to is intense! Good job and keep destroying it!

  3. derek :

    I just wanted to say that today’s WOD was well….just awful! But I really enjoyed it Snatch is a movement that is mentally frustrating to me and running is just something that I hate and don’t do well at all but feel like I got better today, stronger, I don’t like to shy away from hard stuff. I wanted to thank Emilee for running my last 400 with me after she was already finished with her workout, It was a big help having her run it with me so thanks a ton for that!! You rock! btw does anyone know how to get rid of shin splints I get them every time I run

  4. Mary :

    I miss Crossfit!!! I haven’t been there in at least 2 months. I’ve been trying to get a lot of snowboarding in, but the snow is crap this year so far, and now since becoming a Crossfitter over the Spring/Summer of ’09 snowboarding has become a joke of a workout. Maybe I’ll be back after the holidays. I miss you guys…I’m so jealous of all the hand stand fun in the recent photos.
    Keep up the strong work!
    Mary Cripe

  5. greg b. :

    I too would rather do almost anything in a workout besides run. It is the people at Vereve that I became a part of it all. The running with someone even after your done with the workout not because you need to work extra, (like me) but to support your crew. Wow I can’t wait untill someday I have the energy to A)finish a workout before someone and B) have the strength to get up and finish with the new person in the group. Way to go Verve!

  6. TAQ :

    Thanks again Cherie for all the help tonight! The snatch is my favorite lift so far. Can’t wait to do more!!! You Rock!!!

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