Tuesday 110322


Five rounds for time:
12 Deadlifts, 155#/105#
9 Hang power cleans, 155#/105#
6 Push jerks, 155#/105#

Post time to comments. 

 Jim D. our masters competitor tearing it up.

Are you tough enough?  Tough enough to climb up Beaver Creek Mountain?  Tough enough to get muddy and go through several obstacles designed to stop you in your tracks?  Well, the Tough Mudder is right up your alley.  On the 25th and 26th of June, Beaver Creek will be hosting what is coined the “The toughest event in America.”  

Tough Mudderʼs motto:“It is about experiencing a true sense of camaraderie that, sadly, is rarely seen outside of the military these days. To get over some of our obstacles you will need the help of others – they are simply too much for one man to tackle alone. Tough Mudders, unlike some other types of endurance runners, are team players; they help out other Tough Mudders. We want everyone to compete, but being a Tough Mudder is also about making sure no man is left behind, not worrying about your finish time."

At Verve, we are all about community.  Whether it is cheering people on at the end of a WOD, or helping one of your fellow athleteʼs up an 8ʼ wall.  Go out and be part of the Verve team and represent what we are all about with your functional fitness. Registration is open and costs $130 for Saturday and $110 for Sunday. The registration will increase $10 on March 26th.  If you are tough enough, lets do this together…


  1. Annie :

    I’ll be getting tough and muddy for sure! I’ll also have a booth at the event collecting shoes. Yes, I’ll take your muddy shoes. I export for a company that collects shoes for third world countries. We will take your muddy shoes, clean them and ship them off to continue on to someone else’s lucky foot. If you have any shoes you don’t want, bring em’ on up….we’ll take them all! Thanks.

  2. Ali Nichols :

    I’m in! Let’s pick a date and get signed up. I have a code that will give us $10 off too:)

  3. Leslie :

    I will be at a music festival so I will have to cheer you all on by sending good energy your way.
    Annie- can we drop off shoes and other stuff to you directly? I have lots of stuff to get rid of. Thanks!!

  4. bill :

    I’ve heard about this and didnt even know it was CO! Im definitely in, we just need to find out what day would be best to get everybody there. Looking forward to DT also, last time I did it I just had an ugly push press and it was a horrible WOD.

  5. Annie :

    NO “stuff” my dear, just shoes. I will keep you posted if I get another drop off site, but I’m happy to just grab them from you. Thank You!

  6. Jorge :

    Yea, that sounds pretty awesome. I’m definitely in, but would prefer to race on Saturday…

  7. em :

    im in! I also would prefer Saturday.

  8. bill :

    Either day is good with me, I also propose we paint big V’s on our chests, cause im not wearing a new $25 verve shirt and sloppin around in it.

  9. Annie :

    Saturday is supposed to be the best day…

  10. Mas :

    All, the Verve team has been created! We are scheduled for Saturday the 25th at noon. Sign up here and lets get dirty!! http://toughmudder.com/events/colorado/

  11. Ali Nichols :

    Use the code “Rockies Tough” to get the discount….this should still work! Hopefully.

  12. Lisa Ward :

    Hey Mas!
    I’m trying to get my crossfit here in the vail valley to put a team together. If that doesn’t happen, can I join all of you badasses? 😉

  13. Mas :

    Fo Sho Lisa!! We would love to have you as part of our team

  14. Lisa Ward :

    Thanks! Also, anyone wishing to stay the night is welcome to crash/shower at my house. I live in Eagle-Vail, about 2 miles from the base of Beaver Creek Mountain.

  15. Cherie :

    9:47 rx

  16. Joylyn :

    16:48 rx….with nice calm music 😉
    Congrats again on the HUGE 14min PR CC–freakin’ rad!
    Can’t wait to cheer y’all on at the Tough Mudder. I’ll be waiting to hose you off at the end and hand ya a beer or two. 🙂

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