Three rounds, each for time:

500m Row

10 Medicine ball clean to wall ball, 20# (15#)

10 BW bench press

Rest as needed in between each round so that each round is an all out effort.  
Post time for each round to comments.
Josh Wrede, a man with few qualms about color.
The bench press is a movement that many of us have completed successfully many times over many years.  It's a movement that indicates , raw pressing power which contributes to the strength of other pressing movements, such as the shoulder press or the push jerk.  Though we do not focus much time on it, it's always a fun movement to pull from the hopper.  Since we have included it in today's WOD, you may as well do it right and do it well. 
Key elements to a technically correct bench press include proper set-up, execution, and necessary safety.  In your set-up, you should take a second to set your grip so that when you are at the bottom of the press (against the sternum) your forearms are vertical.  Do NOT use an open grip, as you will eventually get hurt when the bar slips off your greasy palms.  Before unracking the bar from the stands, draw your shoulder blades together and press hard with your legs into the ground to provide a solid base to push from.  By drawing your scapula together, your are putting yourself in the position that you will undoubtedly be in at the bottom of the press.
Once you are set, lift the barbell from the stands with the watchful eye of a spotter.  Center the barbell over mid-chest (nipple line) and control the bar to the sternum with your elbows less than perpendicular in relation to the shoulders.  As you press the bar back up, drive it up in a vertical bar path, resisting the temptation to arc it's path back towards the stands.  If you think there is a possibility that you may not make the next attempt, rack the bar, rest, and try again in a second.


  1. Elizabeth :

    DAMN IT!!! One of the first bench press workouts I’ve seen and it has to be my rest day. Enjoy it y’all

  2. Eric :

    Cherie & Matt – I’m 100% sure that I will be at the games! I hope to get out to see you guys before then though.

  3. Rich :

    Wow, today was tough! It was awesome being back in the Verve even though its only for a couple of days. As many of you know I am headed over to the big sandbox (middle east) for 6 months, hopefully I get to see as many of you as possible before I go! here is my e-mail address, feel free to write anytime!!!

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