Tuesday 091124

Five rounds for time:

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang power cleans

5 Front squats

5 Push press

5 Man makers

Start light, 20# for the guys and 15# for the ladies, and add 5# each round.  It's touch and go until you finish a round, at which point you change dumbells and go again.

Post time to comments.


Jared getting ready to pull under a snatch. 

Intensity defined

Anyone that has spent much time in a globo-gym has surely run into the "Gym Boss".  This is the guy that clearly is in charge of the gym – and more specifically, the free weights.  You might recognize the Gym Boss by his strappy tank top, his revealing shorts/overalls, the bandana that covers the majority of his forehead, or maybe his perfectly bronzed skin.  He's most likely carrying a small hip purse that carries snacks and trinkets and things.  The Gym Boss has one characteristic that separates him from the pack – his loud yelling between reps or sets.  This is clearly the mark of an intense workout… or is it?

Our definition of intensity takes a more scientific approach.  Intensity is exactly equal to power, which in turn is equal to force multiplied by distance, divided by time.  Let's put this idea into application with a workout… let's try "Fran".

Thrusters, 95lbs

One repetition of a thruster will move 95lbs 48".  One repetition of a pull-up moves my 205lbs body 28".  We are completing 45 reps of both thrusters and pull-ups, so our total load equals 300lbs and the total distance equals 76" multiplied by 45 repetitions.  Let's say it takes me 5 minutes to complete Fran – there is the time component of the equation.

Power = (Total Load * Total Distance) / Time

P = 300lbs * 285' / 300sec

P = 85500 ft lbs / 300sec

P = 285 ft lbs per sec

P = .51 horsepower (550 ft lbs per sec)

Again, power is exactly equal to intensity, which can be measured for every workout.  The magic is in the movements, the art is in the programming, and the science is in the explanation – that's CrossFit in a nutshell.  So when people ask you what you mean by high intensity workouts, you can tell them that intensity is equal to force multiplied by distance divided by time and not by how loud you are between reps.


  1. JaRed :

    That Jared is so hot right now! LoL

  2. Alan :

    Especially with that Pepto Pink Headband! Yeah!!!! 😉

  3. KimB :

    Miss all of you at Verve! Ah the joys of homeownership! The move, demo’ing/rehabing house has taken up a lot of time. Will see you after holiday and look forward to seeing the “bosses” bronzed skin and hip purse!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Anna :

    So on this note, I wonder is it possible to post, as trainers and inventers of WODS, what the expected time frame or goal of the WOD might be. Say for instance we did Eva, was discussing this with Cherie last week. If you cannot finish in under 60 min. she suggested doing Baby Eva. Can we get a suggestion on what the expected time frame on the Wod might be? Or would that foster too much competition? Just thinkin?

  5. Joylyn :

    I loved this wod today….brutal but excellent and mental. KimB—I miss you lady! And Jared, I expect nothing less of you 🙂

  6. Holly :

    Anna, I love that idea as well. I think it would promote competition, but for me it would promote competition with myself. I can always use that extra push.

  7. derek :

    Anna I like that idea as well, I often times find myself thinking what is a time range to shoot for, if I have to modify something. Is it better to shoot for a time range or the RX but it may take all day, I mean I always try my best but sometimes for example if you know that this is a workout that is testing your stamina and you have to modify it how exactly should you to get the most out of that WOD. Am I over thinking this, should I just show up, shut up and do the work? My time frame usually is to take Danimal or Matt J’s time is and you know.. double them and that seems like what I should shoot for. Todays WOD was really tough but finished it in less time than the mile run…I think I know what I need to work on. Awesome WOD today

  8. Amanda K. :

    20:21 – got to 30# for 4th rd but push presses failed and had to drop to 20# for remainder and final rd. i’m more sore now that we’re back to verve programing. ouch.

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