Tuesday 091201

Deadlift 4 x 3 reps @ 82% of 1RM

Then, complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 Thrusters, 65#/45#

10 Pull-ups

30 Double unders

Post time to comments.


Cheresa earning her turkey on Thanksgiving morning.

The Devil in Disguise

So why no sugar substitutes?  Take for instance the dilemma of the diet soda.  Most diet sodas are calorie and carb free, caffinated, sweet and totally delicious (this can be debated).  At first glance, this sounds Zone perfect and a great alternative to that nasty water-stuff. 

Let's start with a very basic principle of the Zone – hormone regulation.  One of the primary benefits of Zoning is the hormone regulation that results from eating a low-glycemic balanced meal.  By controlling your carbohydrate intake and monitoring the glycemic impact of your carb choices, you limit the amount of insulin released by your pancreas.  This maintains a neutral to favorable insulin sensitivity (as opposed to insulin resistance) and circumvents excess carb storage as fat.

Enter the sweetner.  Sweetners are just that – sweet.  When your tongue tastes something sweet entering the mouth, it talks to the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) and says "Hey, here comes energy!"  The brain then says to the pancreas "Yo, dump some insulin because here comes glucose!"  And there it is – a big insulin dump, but all for nothing.  The body is now very confused and unable to effectively regulate insulin and all because of artificial sweetners.

CrossFit Parker opens today!

Our friends Ryan and Kyla are opening their doors today.  They are having a free WOD at 10am for anyone that's interested with BBQ afterwards.  Let's get some people together and represent!  Check out their site for location info.  Of course, this would be an excellent opportunity to refer-a-friend in the Parker area.  Ryan has headed up CrossFit Parker Fire for several years, so they aren't new to the game.  Post to comments if you'll be attending.


  1. stef :

    Question, has anyone had orthotics? My PT’s recommending for me to scope it out and get them.
    But, if it’s really a medical aide, why won’t most insurance cover it? Eh, good question right? Lol.
    Let me know what u guys know 🙂

  2. Mas :

    Know not about orthotics.
    Godinez x 2 + 1 Parker buddy going to the Crossfit Parker WOD. See ya there peeps!

  3. Matt :

    The Chan’s will be making the trek to Parker. We’ll be late for the WOD but would love to see you guys there for some grillin’.

  4. Elizabeth :

    OMG!!! Sooo close to my house and everything! Damn the work thing! Have fun in Parker everyone and congrats to Ryan and Kyla on the venture!

  5. Michael :

    Though not orthotics, I have custom footbeds for both my running shoes and my ski/board boots. I highly recommend them. The primary reason is ensuring leg/foot positioning especially under stress (running, skiing, etc). Proper alignment of the foot just ensures proper alignment of the ankle, knee, etc. Again these are footbeds and go only so far towards this goal.
    Maybe someone can speak to foot support (if any) when lifting as I have seen a number of people at the gym with lifting specific shoes?

  6. Jack :

    I’ve worn orthotics for several years. I am thinking about giving them up and phasing them out of my life.
    They are expensive and I think they maybe be a temporary solution to a long term problem. That being said, when I first started wearing them, they literally changed my life.

  7. stef :

    Interesting Orthotic convo… Basically, I’m trying to think through this. Most know I’ve been out for a while bc of my back. I also have a super tight IT band on one side and an ankle where I’ve torn ligaments. I also tend to pronate (walking on the inside of my foot). My PT and I discussed that perhaps all these combined issues could be aided by wearing Orthotics, ground up good foot positioning. Therefore, she’s saying orthotics are good. (ie, she’s also thinking this could help so I hopefully don’t run into the same back issues in the future).
    To Jack’s point, I did talk to her in the aspect of muscle memory and if she thinks that could apply after wearing orthotics for a while.
    All in all, I’m pensive. Orthotics are super pricey. And we all did hear how our bodies work with what’s given to us. Thus, we are rockin shoes with less padding and the over support so it doesn’t mess up our bodies more.
    I FEEL CONFUSED! lol. To get an orthotic or not to get an orthotic…. Thanks for the convos people 🙂

  8. casey :

    My recommendation if you are considering orthodics and are wary of the price is to wait until there is some sort of outdoors expo or until half marathon/marathon season kicks off again in spring.
    Most vendors who produce orthodics will attend these sort of events and will give substantial discounts on their pricing to athletes and to the public that drops by the vendor booths. My mother bought a pair from a company that were quoted at $500 online for $180 with the marathon racing pricing.
    I can’t speak from personal experiences, but I have heard that orthodics are, as Jack mentioned “life changing”. The important thing is to spend the money to buy custom. Only go with a service that can effectively monitor your gait while walking on a treadmill, and will also monitor pressure points on the bottom of your foot while walking across a platform. The custom pair my mom bought completely changed her gait, loosened he hip flexors and took away lower back pain, so there may be some science. I would recommend:
    http://www.thefootmechanic.com for a possible starting point. They seem pretty in depth and reliable. Good luck.

  9. Uh, smoker… 7 minutes hit and shoulder shut down. Lots of fun!

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