Tuesday 091222

Four rounds:

1:30 Row (for calories)

1:30 Sit-ups

Add calories and reps together for all five rounds for your total.  Rest as needed between efforts.

Post total to comments.

Craig from our December foundations with a great looking thruster.

It should be drilled into your head by now that CrossFit is all about constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.  It should also be pretty clear that by constantly varied, we are referring to different movements, different durations, and focusing on different metabolic phases.  For instance, yesterday we completed a workout for a max load of three repetitions – a movement we haven't been done since the 5th of December.  The workout was set to focus mainly in the phosphocreatine metabolic phase, which lasts arpund 15 seconds.  Today, on the hand will be a shorter duration glycolytic phase, incorporating two movements, with a set duration.

Your body is being stressed to the max by training in this "keep you guessing" method.  One portion of training at CrossFit Verve that is often overlooked by our athletes – not training (a.k.a. rest days).  We want you to be able to give your all during every workout.  If you're on day six and you're dragging ass during your workout – you aren't reaching your full potential and you are probably doing more harm than good.  This doesn't mean pick and choose which workouts you want to come in for (you know who you are, skipping certain days!).  We ask that you try to follow a consistent cycle if possible – ideally 3-on, 1-off or 5-on, 2-off

Our next Foundations starts January 4th, we have two classes offered for January one at 9am and one at 7:30pm.  They both met Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays, last class of the month is January 29th


  1. Jeff "CueBall" McDowell :

    Craig that is come killer form bro!
    Yesterday was rest day at CF Al Asad and today was Cindy and I destroyed my last record! Last time was back at Verve and had to use AB and broke up every set with nasty ROM.
    Today I did it Rx’d with 15 rds! I hammered the PUs and squats with ease but the push ups still kick my rear. Did first 6 rds without breakin them up but 7-15 has to keep stoping to keep good form. I walked away dead and with a smile on my face! One step closer to being a CF beast and going to the games…

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