For time:

1000m Row

500m Row

250m Row

Rest as needed between efforts.

Post time to comments.


Lil and Cherie's enormous ass.

Random rowing wisdom 101.

1. Foot stretchers, if you are coming off of your seat, raise your foot stretchers.

2. Going faster does not mean going back and forth faster.

3. Reach as far as you can toward the machine with the handle.

4. Power comes from the hips and quads.

5. Don't let the seat hit your heels, if it does, lean forward.

6. Make sure your hands extend before the knees bend.

7. Relaxed grip on the handle.

8. Think one, two, forward then drive.

9. Keep head up and relaxed.

10. Do a quarter, half, and then full stroke to start your row.

Happy Rowing!


  1. Hey…some people pay good money for an Ass like that! Work It…OWN IT!

  2. James :

    Little in the middle, but she got much back!
    More random rowing wisdom:
    11. Your rowing stroke should follow the size of the muscles you’re using: First legs, then back, then arms.
    12. When you’re reaching as far as you can toward the machine with your hands (point 3), try to keep a good lumbar curve. Don’t compromise the strength of your back.
    13. Pace yourself. Start out the first 500m of a 1000m piece at a slow stroke rating (but pulling hard) and then increase your stroke rating as your muscles start to lose their power.
    14. Finish the stroke with the handle just below your nipples. (that just sounds wrong)
    15. Damper: The more you open the damper, the less resistance. The less resistance, the less work you’re going to do with each stroke, but the higher stroke pace you can row. Play around with the damper to determine the ideal setting for you.
    16. If you’re not going fast enough, pull harder.

  3. Matt :

    Yeah James, thanks for additional wisdom.
    BTW, that was the sadest high-five I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The moment you see here is the closest they actually came to contact. Hilarious.

  4. Cherie :

    Westside runners is meeting tonight at Patrick Carrol’s. Bring your old running shoes to be recycled and meet at 6:30pm for a 3 mile run.
    James love the tips.
    Becky – I’m ownin’ it all right! Can you tell I had a few Redbridge before posting last night:) Matt got up this morning and corrected my errors.

  5. Verve Fan/Lurker :

    1000M Row
    500M Row
    250M Row
    49.8 sec

  6. Amy Schaeffer :

    The only reason I decided to sign up for CF Verve was because I noticed that Cherie had the nicest backside and I wanted one too.
    And I am intrigued by this “Verve Fan/Lurker”….any possibility I will see you in the gym soon?

  7. Cherie :

    Today killed me. Seriously! I did not listen to lesson #13 and Luke tricked me with lesson #15 🙂 I was super impressed with James and Cheresa’s times today. Nice job guys.

  8. Luke :

    It’s true. I am tricky.

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