Three rounds for time of:

12 Dead-lifts, 125% BW

25 Box jumps, 24" (20")

Post time to comments.

Jared 011 

Jared Young November 2008, Jared Young March 2009.

Jared joined Verve in November 2008.  He had heard about CrossFit from his brother and was convinced to come to his first WOD by Amy.  During his squat elements we had him do "Karen" 150 wall-balls for time with 12#.  He later told us he thought we were kidding and that he was sure we would stop him at around 75. 

In that first month we did the usual weight, measurements and zone talk.  To this day (4 1/2 months later) Jared has lost 15% body fat, 2.5 inches off of his waist and 18 pounds.  We have also seen huge performance gains.  Jared started doing pull-ups with us on a green band (he is now working on getting muscle-ups), and has continuously seen big decreases in repeated workouts.

Jared we are proud of your achievements and dedication to not only CrossFit but your nutrition.  – Stronger then yesterday.

Check out Amy's new recipe on the Fuel page and expect more to come.  Send your recipes in with photo's.  Or if you'd like to post them yourself let us know.


  1. TIm M. :

    Jared Great work. That is amazing.
    T-shirt ideal:
    Being defeated is only a temporary condition, giving up is what make it permanent. Marilyn vos Savant

  2. J-Diggity!!!!!
    Oh man, I’m so proud of you brotha. It puts a tear in my eye!
    By the way, you’ve definately inspired me to do travel WODs on a consistent basis. I really don’t think I would have if you didn’t ask that one little question on my travel blog about whether or not I’d been working out… Anyway it ate at me and I’m so glad you asked. All the Ecuadorian’s think I’m Fn nuts; doing burpees in the beach or HSPUs in the back yard… this guy is weird. LOL.
    I miss you much J!

  3. Oh and nice Obliques. People always ask me how to get those. Now I’ll just tell em’crossfit.

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    I get to look at that everyday….I know. I know. How did I get so lucky? Well, it’s simple really. I just told him I would off myself if he didn’t go out with me.

  5. Jeff McD :

    Brother!!! Holy Snikeys!!!! I had no idea that was how big you were! That’s some dang motivation and I cannot wait to see the results in me.
    T Shirt Idea –
    You thought your kung fu was strong… beware my bloody palm
    The only place were pain equals pleasure
    Can you say the “ladies” beat you up?

  6. Tammer :

    Jared, I see the Pics right in front of my face but I still can’t believe that you were ever anything but a Crossfit Badass. I know we have alot of great CF’ers at Verve but your WOD intensity is truly motivating. Even with the front squats last nite, having you and Cherie in my face MADE me throw it up there(we both know I was milliseconds away from passing out). I usually look at “in-shape” people and just think “good genes.” But you build a respect for someone like you when get to watch your workouts and know “THAT DID NOT COME EASY!” Congrats man!

  7. Alan :

    That is just SICK!!!!
    No, not your before picture…the results! LOL!
    Keep up the strong work! You are Verve!

  8. TmRMaNsR :

    Ok heres a few more Amazing T-Shirt ideas:
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Re-Defining Fitness”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Legal Molestation of Your Body”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Stop Hiding our WODs Like Porn Mr Olympia! We’re onto YOU!”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “RIP: Ripped Into Perfection”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Donating Our Blood is a First Degree Felony”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “CFV Survival Rule #1: Give us a Fish we’ll eat it. Give us a Pole…F YOUR POLE! GIMME A DAMN KETTLEBELL!”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “While Programing Crossfit Athletes Scientists Forgot the Words: Failure, Give-Up, Average, Slow-Down, Tired and 2nd Place”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Our Sympathetic Nervous System Murdered our Parasympathetic!”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “May Cause Ape Like Symptoms”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Cain: Verve Member. Abel: Curves Member. Poor Abel 🙁 ”
    (I know, I know…Goin to hell for THAT ONE! Which inspired my next ideas!!!)
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Going to Hell? Be Prepared!”
    Crossfit Verve:

  9. stef :

    For all the fire fighters out there… check this out!
    HILARIOUS!!! (my brain is wasted on a lot of tech talk today. whew)

  10. TmRMaNsR :

    Late Entries:
    Crossfit Verve:
    “We Dont Call the Parmedics. Just the CSI! NO EXCUSES, KILL IT OT DIE TRYING!”
    (Sandy Inspired)
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Get On Board. You’ve Been Warned. -Noah”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Want Incredible Recovery Times? Wolverine: 20 Year Crossfit Veteran. Point Proven”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Crossfit: Tractor Tire Flips. Verve: Tractor Flips!”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “After reviewing our WODs Steven King said “NOW THATS JUST F%#$ED UP!”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Rule #261: Never Shake Hands with a Verve Member. We tried to warn you McCain.”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “Yes These Are My Muscles. No I will not Push-Start Your Car”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “YES! We CAN Push Start an Automatic”
    Crossfit Verve:
    “We Eat GRANITE and Drink NAPALM! AAARGH! 4P-3C-7F”

  11. TmRMaNsR :

    Double Unders Buddy Lee Style:

  12. Matt :

    Oh my God, I almost peed my pants with that last set of slogans Tammer. McCain’s hands and Steven King are my favs.
    One more day – keep ’em coming!
    1000m row
    21 DL 225#
    1000m row
    15 DL 225#
    1000m row
    9 DL 225#
    15:14 @ STA66

  13. JeffMcD :

    started as rx’d with 220# but then form was bad so dropped to 200#, 11:22

  14. Joei :

    J-Rod You are a FUCKING BADASS! Amy’s right shes lucky she gets to stare at that hot piece of man body every day! 🙂 In all seriousness though good job, you look amazing and continue to inspire me every day, after all you and Amy are the reason why I’m a cross fit member. Keep up the hard work!

  15. Oh and btw, Jared,
    The coolest part of the new picture is the bruises on your collar bones from doing cleans. Seriously, how tuff is that!

  16. Joylyn :

    As rx’d at 180# DL, 7:14. Felt better today, hopefully back on track with everything.
    Jared–the pics are amazing! You have an enthusiasm at workouts that is contagious, thanks! Keep up the crazy work!

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