Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

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Key things to keep in mind while deadlifting heavy.

Maintain your lumbar curve.  Weight on the heels.  Shoulders slightly in front of the bar on set-up.  Bar stays in contact with the legs throughout the movement.  Hips and chest rise at the same rate.  Stay strong and stand up. 


  1. Mike P :

    Matt vs King Kong… I want to see the video!

  2. cherie :

    Alright it’s on, we’ll invite you to the pain fest.

  3. Matt :

    10 burpees
    20 kb swings
    30 sit ups
    40 squats
    50 ball slams
    40 squats
    30 sit ups
    20 kb swings
    10 burpees
    Amy 15:37 (30 slams, 20 squats 2nd round)8kg KB
    Jared 16:08 (30 slams, 20 squats 2nd round)16kg KB
    Nice job today guys! It was great to meet you and we hope to see you again soon.

  4. cherie :
    PR by 15#
    Goal #1 is to maintain my damn lumbar curve.
    Goal #2 is 2xBW 270# only 20# away.

  5. cherie :

    Matt 405.425.435.445.455
    Strong work everyone. A congrats goes out to Ben on getting a 2xBW lift.

  6. Charlie :

    Well, that wasn’t too bad for my first real series of deadlifts in a long, long time:
    Warm up = 3 rounds of 3 mins jumprope, 1min rest w./10 pushups and 10situps during the min. Then onto the fun:
    1-225 lbs
    2-275 lb
    3-275 lb
    4-285 lb
    5-285 lb
    6-225 lb
    7-225 lb and that was all she wrote:)

  7. cherie :

    Looks like you were smart on 6 and 7 and maintained form. Nice work, when are you getting your butt down here and working out with us?

  8. Hoovers :

    The site looks good guys! I agree with Mike, I want to see Matt vs King Kong!

  9. matt :

    Yeah Hoovers, we miss you two! Thanks for the referal. We’ll send out an invite to the pain storm. Maybe around our grand opening.

  10. Charlie :

    Well, the rental helicopter is in the shop for repairs, so I may have to take the Volvo!:) Time, my friend, time…soon I’ll get there. I have to check out your schedule – don’t forget about Sunday! Eldo?
    I’ll check that CFV schedule to see what sort of torture I can get into over the weekend!! When is the Grand Opening by the way?

  11. Matt :

    Charlie, the Grand Opening will be around the new year. We have a good real estate agent on the hunt for the perfect place. We’re getting closer everyday. Be prepared everyone, it’s going to be cool.

  12. Traumahawk :

    Hey, why are my shins hurting so bad? LOL

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