With a continuously running clock do one power clean the first minute, two power cleans the second minute, three power cleans the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

Load up with 40% of your 1RM clean.  Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Post loads and body weight to comments.


Mike Leet – we're always happy to see Mike when he's home.

The good shit quick…

I've been asked in the past why we choose to employ the kipping pull-up.  This very same question has surely crossed your mind at some point too.  The answer is simple - power output.  Granted, a strict/deadhang pull-up is more difficult and will develop targeted muscle, but is that what we're after? 

Consider this, the formula for average power is force multiplied by distance, which is then divided by time.  In other words, your body weight multiplied by the distance your chin travels from the bottom of a pull-up until it passes the bar, divided by the time it took you to complete the task.  Let's relate this formula to a WOD: 100 pull-ups for time.

My stats:
5'10", 205#, ~2.67' (distance from hang to chin-over for a single rep)

The math for 100 kipping pull-ups for time:
(205lbs * 266.67ft) / 240seconds = 54667.35 ft lbs / 240seconds
= 227.78 ft lbs per second = ~.41 horsepower

The math for 100 strict pull-ups for time:
(205lbs * 266.67ft) / 360seconds = 54667.35 ft lbs / 360seconds
= 151.85 ft lbs per second = ~.28 horsepower

So why do we care about power output? Exercise physiologists have defined intensity as equal to average power.  Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing the rate of return on favorable adaptation.  In other words, it's how you get results quickly.  By maximizing power output for each workout you're increasing bone density, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle mass, increasing insulin sensitivity, elevating your mood…. 


We do kipping pull-ups because we want the good shit quickly


  1. Anna :

    Plus, kipping pullups look so cool!!!
    Reminder, girls this weekend! Oct 24th, dinner at cuban resteraunt then salsa dancing! We will eat first, will get the name of the resteraunt then head over for some dancing. Hope yall can come, let me know, so I can make reservations at resteraunt.
    One more question, when do the skills/game prep WODS start. This week or later?

  2. Jack :

    I am in constant pursuit of an increase in my rate of return.
    -Friendly accountant / morning cheerleader / nerd

  3. Games prep/goals classes are currently limited to Wed & Fri at 7:30 pm. If we get a good response for these classes we will add a weekend class as well. Go forth and train hard(er).

  4. gerson :

    Ahh… ok game prep wod’s/strenght/skill… sounds like a real hoot! Alls I know is that I’m down… just thinkin out loud here…
    Soo much goin on ??? !!! I’m going forth

  5. James :

    I was told there would be no math.
    I dunno. I’m no physicist, but it seems to me that the math shouldn’t be as easy as that. For instance, think of the weight in your arms. It’s not going (much of) anywhere. Also, there has to be something about the lopping momentum that decreases the power generated. For instance, if I’m at the top of a pendulum and I let igo, I’ve already done all the work, but gravity and momentum force me up to the other side of the pendulum. Without friction, there’s zero work done to get to an equal height.
    I’m not saying you can’t generate more power from the Kip. I think you can – simply by engaging different muscles, you’re increasing your body’s capacity to generate power. But I suspect your numbers don’t tell the whole story.
    And how do I get me one of them avatar thingies?

  6. James: You have to sign up for a Typepad account.
    And I use Elizabeth to do my math. She’s a genius! No thinkin’ for Catherine! Whoop!

  7. Cherie :

    James: I believe, this is really a discussion about functional movement vs. non functional, isolation movements vs. multi-joint movements. It is more “functional” to kip. Think of throwing a baseball. You would not throw a baseball with only your back and arms. Why?
    Side note: Since we are comparing the strict pull-up to the kipping, the weight of the arms has no bearing on comparing the power output as the arms are a variable in each scenario. Would that decrease power? Maybe, but it would decrease it in both cases equally.
    When using the analogy of the pendulum you are talking about the horizontal plane, the “pull” of a strict and the “pull/push” in a kip are quite different as they employ the vertical and the horizontal plane. If you let go in the front or back of your kip it will not bring your chin back over the bar, but simple put you forward or backwards.
    The whole story is quite dare I say beautiful? It’s the productive application of force and its rate of return. What are you getting from a strict pull-up? Strength this is by no means a bad thing. What are you getting from a kip? Strength, coordination, accuracy, agility and balance, now we are engaging our neurology, which equals more good shit!

  8. Cherie :

    PS – the math. The good shit, is measured via power output, as our goal as CF athletes is to move heavy loads, long distances and quickly.

  9. derek :

    Can’t wait to get back to the gym after a few days away. Although it was fun to see all the strange looks I got doing the WOD at the hotel gyms. I felt great in the ring this weekend so my goal of moving better is on the right track. Can’t wait for tomorrows 7:30pm class

  10. Courtney :

    Anna, I’m excited for Saturday!! I work until 5:30 in Golden so I might miss out on dinner depending on the times you are thinking about. I will definitely be there for the dancing.

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