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30 Snatches, 135#/95# (50% of 1RM)

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Mary Cripe, single arm sumo deadlift high pulls during Fight Gone Bad.

Disappointment at a price…

It's easy to become disillusioned with details you've visualized for certain workouts – the perfect pace, the transition from movement to movement, the number of times you had to split up the reps.  Workouts almost never end in complete satisfaction – you'll almost always walk away from a WOD with hopes of faster times, more rounds, or heavier loads.  But in the end, what matters most is whether or not you gave it 100% (mechanics, consistency, then intensity).

You aren't human if you don't get disappointed – well, you might be a human that doesn't set goals.  But the aim of this post is not to inspire you to try harder, rather I'd like for you to realize that the price of disappointment is new expectations.  Whether you write them down in a logbook or bury them deep in your mind, don't ignore them as they'll pop up to haunt you at the most in-opportune times.  Prepare yourself to meet your goals.

We are going to have a detailed discussion on October 4th at 1:00pm where we will discuss planning to reach goals, for sport-based events, and for overall fitness.  Please mark this on your calendar and plan on staying for an hour.  For anyone planning on competing in the CrossFit Games, this meeting will help immensely.


  1. Cherie :

    So excited – I’m not afraid of Back squat anymore and hit a PR by 15#. Yay!

  2. Dan :

    Whoop whoop! Awesome!

  3. leslie :

    Hello All- Mitch and I are moving this Weds from NW Denver to Golden and are looking for one STRONG body to help for a few hours in the late morning/early afternoon. Of course, you will be compensated for your time and burley muscles. If your interested, call me at 303-809-3873. Leslie

  4. Joei :

    Cherie- That is so awesome!!!
    I’m so glad you posted this, yesterday was such a struggle for me. I went up by 15# on my back squat which has always been challenging, but went down on my push press and dead lift. I definitely left the class dissapointed in my body, but not necessarily in myself. I gave it all I had, but the strength just wasn’t there. Hopefully that will all change with time and dedication.

  5. This post speaks to my frustration yesterday with my deadlift. Total went from 450 to 453.
    Back squat went up 10lbs, shoulder press remained and deadlift went down by 7lbs. PFFT! I was very frustrated with myself on the deadlift. I could not get my head in the right place and after a certain amount of time I had to just throw in the towel b/c it just wasn’t going to happen. I was cooling down with every false start. GRRRR!!!
    I will be going to the class on Sunday that discusses goals. I have some things I need to concentrate on for sure.

  6. btw, that’s my CrossFit Total 450 to 453, not my deadlift. Could you imagine? Godzilla!

  7. stef :

    Cath – lol…
    Anyway, love this post as well 🙂 I had a good month or two where I was digressing in my workout time and wasn’t as strong. It was so frustrating! Matt and Cherie of course piped in, asked about my diet and recommended I stay more strict again with paleo.
    Sure enough, I’m getting stronger and faster. Last night I got a 403 Crossfit total. I got a new PR for my deadlift (205 pounds) and Back Sqaut (140). Holler!
    It’s good to remember that you’re not always going to be strong, fast and able to perform to the level that’s in your head.
    What’s been super encouraging on those days has been all the fabulous Verve friends that still cheer you on! 🙂

  8. greg :

    It is the posts like this that my wife and I are becoming a member of the Verve family. The suport for your peers when things don’t go perfect or the way we think they should is huge. I have had the other type of trainer before where they don’t give a rip as long as your check clears. Thanx for being the people you are and I look forward to finishing the basics so I can become a part of the group ass kickings!

  9. Tiff :

    word. perfect timing on the post. yesterday (and the accompanying dismal performance…CFT went down 25 lbs) helped me reflect on the fact that my performance is influenced by so many factors. it is not just about how bad you want it or how hard you train. (i think you guys do a great job of reminding us of this!)
    i saw gains in the summer when my diet was crap, but i was well-rested, happy, spent time with friends and family, and got to experience fresh air on a daily basis. stress was a non-issue.
    i’ve been back at teaching for about 7-8 weeks now. my diet is much stricter again, but i am in a constant drained state, overworked, under-rested, and leading a very unbalanced life. i have begun to see decreases almost all around.
    conclusion: be gentle with yourself. do what you can everyday. when you start seeing signs that things are on the decline…don’t beat yourself up….make sure you take care of yourself even more! take a look at lifestyle, rest, diet, fun-level and adjust as needed.
    my goal is to change 1 or 2 things to make life more wonderful this week. even if it makes me a worse teacher.

  10. Luke :

    The Crossfit Total is one of those WOD’s where either you’ve got ‘it’ or you don’t. I’ve done met-con WOD’s where I felt awful before it began and still felt like I crushed it, but never with CFT. Sometimes your body just doesn’t have the juice. Especially on the shoulder press; it seems like I’ve hanging out at the same weight range forever on that exercise. I guess the moral is that you just have to be patient with your body; it’ll come around. You’ll dominate one of these WOD’s coming up, and all those feelings of disappointment that you may have will simply melt away. 🙂

  11. Cherie :

    Talk about disappointment – anyone else impressed with Mary’s continued dedication dispite her broken wing?
    Way to go Mary.
    Welcome to the family Greg and Greer:)

  12. Think I asked this already but then again, maybe not:
    So the challenge is over tomorrow. I’m in the psycho 6am class. Are we getting measured/weighed then? Need to know b/c I need a cheat. lol. Seriously. Someone is going to lose an arm soon.

  13. Sorry, another post.
    You’re a badass Mary! Way to keep going even with a broken wrist. Lookin’ good too! 🙂

  14. Sara Weisbart :

    Cherie I’m with you, Mary is BADA**!!! Way to fight girl! Most people in this world wouldn’t keep up like you!
    I missed CFT but I hope I get a chance to do it again soon. Awesome job everyone! Today’s workout was fun! I wish I had tried more weight but was happy with my time so that’s good. The first time I did this workout it was very painful and long at a much lighter weight. Yeah progress!
    Just wanted to make a reminder about the Birthday party this Sunday~ Sounds perfect to carpool after the goals discussion at one! If whoever is planning on coming could just post that you’ll be there or maybe write your name on the board under the info for the party at CFV I would appreciate it! Just want to know how much meat to buy for all of us carnivores 🙂 Oh yeah and it’s Leslie’s birthday on the 4th as well, and Hillary’s on the 1st!! So we will be celebrating them as well (and anyone else with October b-days)! Hope you two can make it but have very very Happy Birthdays!

  15. Mary :

    Thanks for the compliments you guys! I can’t believe that is my arm in the photo! I’m much stronger than when I started this 4-5 months ago and I know you would all keep on regardless of an injury, so I can’t quit. You are all extremely impressive!
    I can’t wait to be able to do the CFT and Fran in a month or so when I can work out normal again so I can see my improvement.
    On another note: It’s also Victoria’s birthday on the 4th. What’s up with all the Crossfitters having October birthdays?! It must be the month of the badass. 🙂

  16. Greg :

    Umm Just a little note about all of you having birthdays in October. Your parents got drunk on some sort of Valentines day retreat and here you are. And thank goodness for that. Hugs, kisses mean it.

  17. LOL! @Greg

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