Clean and Jerk 5×4 75% of 1RM

Followed by:

Five rounds for time;

30 Burpees on the 4:00 minute interval

Post time to comments.


"Stronger than Yesterday".

All those looking for photos of this weekend, look over to the right.  New photo album published today.

Colorado Kettlebell competition is coming up October 10th at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield. This competition will consist of a 10 minute kettlebell snatch set.  Followed by, a one hour rest and then a 10 minute one arm long cycled kettlebell clean and jerk.  The kettlebell weight categories are 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg.  Find out more details and register here to compete.  Post to comments if you think you will attend.




  1. Anna :

    YEAH BURPESS!!!! Nice pics, thanks for sharing all the photos. What energy!

  2. Tiff :

    thanks for the pics!

  3. Burpees. Why’d it have to be burpees.

  4. Alan :

    Tiff, Dan, Sara, Jack, and Emmalee – I took video of each of you for WOD#4 at the Open. They have all been put on a disk for each of you at the gym. They are unedited from 3,2,1 to Finish. Gerson, for some reason you were overlooked.-I appologize! I did record your WOD, but forgot to make you a disk. It will be done today and will be in the gym tomorrow night (6:30pm WOD). Thanks to Jake, I did get some pictures from the second day as well. I can make disks for everyone if needed, or I may just post them on Facebook for everyone to laugh…I mean look at.
    Also, Cherie, the video camera should be back in the gym if you want to start that girls vid.
    Peace Out…Word To Your Mama

  5. emmalee :

    Thanks Alan much appreciated!!!!!!

  6. tiff :

    nice alan! above and beyond. =) thanks so much…

  7. Danimal :

    Sweet Alan! Thanks man. I didn’t realize that you’d captured those.

  8. Tiff :

    carpooling to paleo talk anyone?

  9. I’d love to carpool to the Paleo talk! I’m planning on the 4:30 workout (I’ll bring a change of clothes to fight off the stinky).
    My car never gets a bath and I basically treat it like the truck it’s supposed to be (but refuses to turn into) so if you’re OK with that… I’m betting if we pool gas money for the person who has a sweet ride (that’s cleaner than mine) maybe we can enjoy sweet sweet luxury?

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