Clean & jerk 75% of 1RM, 5×4 reps

Then … drum roll please


For time:

150 Wallballs 20# (15#)

Post time and loads to comments.


Doug completing pool muscle-ups during July's swim WOD.

The buzz is going around about our up-coming zone/real food challenge.  Get excited, cuz it is going to be a blast and we're all going to get healthier doing it.  Stay tuned, details will be announced in the August 1st post.

Recovery is a key ingredient to high performance in sports.  It is also the biggest ingredient that is overlooked.  The commonly accepted road to success is hard workouts, and the more the better.  This statement is valid, only if you are paying just as close attention to the recovery side of training.  If you are an athlete that only thinks about recovery then fatigue and possible injury are sure to set in.  How do we avoid being over-trained and fatigued?

This can be avoid with two simple tools; rest and nutrition.  Effective training is more than just workouts, it is a carefully balanced state of well-being between stress and rest.  When the balance is achieved (and even push to a degree) your fitness improves.  Working out too much is not the only contributory to overtraining.  When work, school, relationships, finances, or a myriad of other stressors out weigh rest, fatigue and overtraining (or over-living) win.  If you are feeling fatigued more often than not, evaluate your rest, nutrition and external stressors.  Make time for effective recovery.  


  1. AmySchaeffer :

    I fucking hear ya on that one…. I LOVE love love coming to Crossfit and I have literally cried when I have had to take breaks but when I did actually take the breaks, I came back STRONGER and more enlivened.
    I have missed CF a little bit more than I have wanted to in the past few months but I am STILL strong and getting stronger everyday. In a few weeks I will be able to crush Matt in a WOD!
    Without CF I would not be the strong woman I am today. I am loving life and everday I am a little bit stronger in more than one way!!

  2. Gerson :

    Mother of God!!! 150 wallballs!!!

  3. Holly :

    Oh no…I’ve been anticipating Karen for a few weeks now. I can do this!
    Today is day #2 of being back on the zone and actually 100% preparing and measuring my meals ahead of time. I’m totally proud of myself! If I can only figure out how to get rid of the morning Mtn Dew…I know, I know!
    Also, I found the Fage yogurt at Target last night for $1.97 a container. Check it out!
    See you all at 4:30!

  4. T :

    They’ve got large 0 Fat containers of Fage at the Costco on Wadsworth- $4 to $6 range.

  5. Matt :

    MTN DEW!!!!! 46g of carbs per serving – that’s 5 blocks of carbs! Holly!

  6. Danimal :

    Fuuuu uuuu un!

  7. Catherine :

    Hhhmmm could this have led to me losing my grip (crying) in yesterday morning’s workout? Not really sure why it happened and a bit embarrassing but it was what it was.
    Back on the horse today 🙂

  8. Tim Keefe :

    I just got way more recovery/rest than I can normally stand (Honeymoon). I will be back and ready for those wall balls today!!!!

  9. Cherie :

    Yeah Tim, Congrats again to you and Brook. We were wondering when you were getting back from the honeymoon – welcome home.

  10. tiff :

    ahhhhh…..sweet. did i really ask for this?!
    cat – you’re not really working out, if you don’t cry occasionally. i jest…but seriously, i’ve been there….bawled like a baby outside the gym after a burpee/pull up workout a few months back. for no apparent reason. other than having my ass kicked, my ability to finish questionable and my hands ripped to shreds.
    and i’ll probably cry today. come to 7:30 if you guys wanna see. 😉

  11. Stef :

    Ummm, yeah… Tiff – seriously?!?! I might *just* have a work project that might need further focus this evening.
    ….gasp….150 wallballs… I already am crying.

  12. Amy Schaeffer :

    I checked my last Karen time and it was exactly 9 months ago to the day…..it was the very first Verve WOD I ever did! I shaved three minutes off my time and added 7 lbs of weight!!!!

  13. Florida Mike (aka Mike K) :

    I told Zac I was coming in tonight, but no joy. With my backpacking trip getting started tomorrow (I meet my crew at DEN at 9:45am on Wednesday), I just have too much to do between now and then. The drive to and from the gym is about 45 minutes – hour (longer last night with the rain), so in the interest of time … I will do a Travel WOD at the hotel, though. See you next time I’m in Denver (right after Labor Day).

  14. Catherine :

    Thanks Tiff 🙂 Yeah, the journey to health can be great but there are definitely trying times. Fucking scary, actually.
    I think I just wanted to be physically stronger (than I am) during that workout and it pissed me off that I wasn’t. Once I started getting upset I couldn’t shut it off. It was an unexpected reaction.
    Good news is that (today)I think I’ve moved from the grey band to the green band for pull-ups! Thanks to Leslie for encouraging me to give it a go :). It was a great feeling and definitely makes up for yesterday’s funk.
    Keep up the great work all!
    btw, my Karen was 8:22.

  15. Sara Weisbart :

    Karen- 9:40 #12
    Wheww….that was a good one! Wanted to make sure to post my time so the next time we do this one and I use a #15 ball (with a faster time) I will be oh so happy!
    Great job today Catherine! You so killed it! And congratulations on the Green!

  16. Cherie :

    Mike – Look forward to seeing you when you are back in town.
    Catherine – I have cryed at a few workouts myself. Matt was there he can atest. It happens, we feel bad about doing it and then we move on stronger than yesterday!
    Cheers and gluten free beers

  17. Elizabeth Huff :

    I almost started crying today… Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It was much needed and appreciated.
    First time of completing Karen
    12# 10 feet 10:32 (I think)
    Sara, super impressed with your time! Congrats girl!
    Holly you rocked it today. Strong work!
    Congrats to all and every single one of you are rock stars!

  18. Catherine :

    Thanks Sara, Cherie and Elizabeth (and again, Tiff) 🙂
    I think the process is somewhat like what happens in the military. Break one down to rebuild stronger than before. It’s not easy but I know it’s worth it. The Verve group is the best at supporting people :). Sometimes one wants to linger with upset but it is good that the group acknowledges that it’s hard, helps one regroup and move on.

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