For time

100 Overhead squats 95#(65#)

On the minute every minute you must complete

3 Knees to elbows

5 Burpees

Continue until overhead squats are done

Post time to comments.


What must they think driving by on 38th?

All those competing in the Regional Qualifiers, please read the white board for a special cookie today, this will help you get comfortable with the WOD's for this weekend.  Also, tapering is an important part of being ready for competition.  Talk with your trainers about your workout plan for the remainder of the week.

Do you have and trips planned for the summer?  How about competitions?


  1. Erin :

    All I have to say is OUCH! This one sounds just as challenging as Murph! Working again today…bummer. Will try to get it done at the station!
    Matt & Cherie–I am competing again on the Combat Challenge Team for South Metro. I have a competition coming up the end of June (in C.Springs–hope some peeps can come out and watch!) and beginning of July in Seattle. Would love some “cookies” to help prepare…Looking to best my time of 3:16. I really want to get sub 3 mins. Matt–any ideas???
    Have a great day everyone!

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    I am going to the regionals to cheer everyone on…..anyone else want to join me?

  3. Matt :

    Erin, I can help you with the Cobat Challenge, but it will be much more event specific than anything we do at CFV. We’ll talk next time I see you.
    I hope to see everyone at the CF Regional Games. Not only will it be a chance to see Verve in action, but it will also be fun and quite a spectacle. Hopefully we’ll have new CFV shirts (thanks to Jake!) so we can all show our gym pride.
    I’m hoping to take a trip to Aromas, CA this summer. Should be a nice getaway. I also plan on a 3-on 1-off schedule at Water World. If you haven’t bought your season passes yet – do it! They are still only $85. No better way to feel twenty years younger.

  4. Tim M. :

    Amy I will be attending and volunterring.

  5. Erin :

    I will be working all weekend…sorry Ververs! Good luck and kick some butt! Make us proud!!!

  6. Lisa Ward :

    WOW! I just talked to the owner of Lakota River Guides in Vail, CO. I was a guide with that company for 7 years before I “retired” last year. He is willing to give me a great deal for all of you!!! The “NUMBERS” trip is on the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, CO. Its a class 4 section of awesome whitewater and beautiful scenery. The trip costs $100 a person. However, he is only charging all of us $50 a person which includes taxes and fees!! And, the more people we get, he’ll lower the price….If we can get 4 or more boats, the price goes down even more (6 people per boat). This is an unheard of price for a Class 4 trip with a Vail Company. If you look at all the whitewater companies in Colorado, you will not find a trip like this for under $100. I hope lots of you can come. I’ll keep you posted on the details. It will be June 20th.

  7. Lisa Ward :

    Lakota is sending me Brochures that I’ll have available for you at the gym. You can also check out:
    http://www.lakotariver.com for more info.
    Morning trips are always the best bet. We can all car pool up there then maybe have some lunch at the Brewery in Frisco.

  8. Lisa Ward :

    As you start thinking about it….ANYBODY associated with the crossfit “family” can come! Husbands, wives, friends, co-workers. However, because of the upper level whitewater, kids have to be at least 16 years old. Please feel free to post any questions. I’m sooo excited! It’s going to be great!!

  9. Cherie :

    Amy – so glad you are coming.
    Lisa it sounds like a blast, thank you for organizing this.
    I will be trying to keep up with Matt on the 3 on 1 off schedule with Water World.
    I would also like to get my fair share of climbing in. We’ll see if my climbing partner is up for it.

  10. Matt :

    Lisa, count me in – class 4 on the Ark?!?! BA Baracus.

  11. Tim M. :

    Lisa, I am in and may have a few co-workers up for a raft trip.
    To everybody,
    Not sure if this was posted before although found Sunflower has a complete gluten free food list
    And I know that May is a busy month for a lot of us although (yes I know I was thinking) if anyone would like to do a zone/paleo picnic at a park memorial weekend? Just hang out. Let me know who is interested

  12. Lisa Ward :

    Thanks for the info at the Sunflower, Awesome! I’d love to have a picnic with like-minded eaters.

  13. Heather :

    *Amy, I’m planning on going this Sat to watch and cheer on the crew would love to meet up and go, plus I have no idea where I’m going : ) Let’s chat this week.
    *Lisa the rafting trip sounds awesome, would love to go….hoping to fig. out my sched. soon for June.
    *Great workout Cherie, Super hard…. put me in a great mood for the rest of the day!!

  14. Alan :

    Hey, speaking of summer trips…Is anyone planning on going to the CF Games? I know Anna has been asking around, but we need to know something pretty soon so we can deceide if we need a couple of hotel rooms, or try to find a condo to rent. They are going fast! I know me, Anna, and Gerson have all registered. Has anyone else considered it, or registered themselves. Please let us know so we can make some plans. I beleive flights are out there for as cheap as $89 each way! We are trying to plan something in the next week. I imagine things will book up after this weekend! It would be nice to have at least an estimate! See you all this week in the gym!

  15. Tiff :

    yes, i am definitely in!!! i’ve already registered as a spectator and am ready to get a flight=) also, prob down for some camping (cheap accommodations) and stay a few extra days if anyone else is!

  16. Tiff :

    and rafting sounds amazing!!!!

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