Tuesday 100112


Three rounds, 21 – 15 – 9 reps, for time of:

Thrusters, 95#/65#


Last done October 2nd, 2009

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Beautiful momma Leslie building a strong baby boy.

Why do we Olympic lift?

While researching this topic, I was amazed to uncover ALL the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting.  First, let us define Olympic Weightlifting.  Olympic weightlifting is comprised of two lifts; the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.  In the snatch, a barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead in one smooth movement.  In the Clean & Jerk, a barbell is lifted from the floor to the shoulder and then overhead in a locked out position. These lifts test for explosive and functional strength, while taking the whole body through it maximum range of motion.  During these lifts the body is working as a whole, the body is not separated into parts and pieces.  The Olympic lifts are inherently technical, dynamic and fast.

In CrossFit we teach that in order for ones fitness to be all inclusive, we must train ten general skills.  As we continue to increase ones abilities in all ten skills we build elite athletes with complete physical competence.  Those skills are; Cardiovascular respiratory/ endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Our task is now to find the BEST ways to train these skills. Olympic weightlifting addresses and trains ALL ten of these skills.  While their primary targets are strength, flexibility, power, speed, balance and coordination, they train all ten.   Now I ask you, what other “exercise” can lay this claim?  For example, you can argue that track and field focuses more on Cardiovascular respiratory/ endurance, but while focusing there it eliminates and mutes eight of the ten skills.  This makes the Olympic lifts unique in there ability to create neurological and muscular adaptation.  “They train athletes to effectively activate more muscle fibers more rapidly than through any other modality of training.  The explosiveness that results from this training is of vital necessity to every sport.” (CrossFit Foundations, 2006)

In addition to Olympic lifts addressing all ten general skills, they are the essence of a functional core to extremity movement.  A core to extremity movement starts with a stable core/spine and creates a wave of muscle contraction to the weaker extremities.  These are the “natural” muscle recruitments patterns of our bodies.  By using our bodies as a whole, each piece gets stronger. 

Resources on Olympic Weightlifting


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    I absolutely agree cause after each oly session, I find that new muscles that are sore! How does this compare with the recent post on CFJ with Louie Simmons talking about speed training? I tried to follow what he said, but some of the lingo I didn’t grasp.

  2. stef :
  3. Heather :

    Looking Good Mama!!! That baby’s getting some good blood circulation : )

  4. robyn :

    Lookin Good Leslie! Keep up the hard work and congrats, again:)

  5. Matt :

    Times, times, tell me some times!!!

  6. Leslie, you’re a freakin’ gorgeous creature and if possible, more gorgeous when “in the family way.”

  7. James :

    Matt, if you wanted times, you should have scheduled Fran an a day other than your off day.

  8. James :

    It’s 3:12 PM, Matt.

  9. Andy :

    Nothing like a solid 6am beatdown. Whew, 6:27 Rx with C2B for first round. Rx was a lot freaking harder than my first go-around on 10/25/09 with thrusters #65 (time was 6:14). I was hoping for something in the 5 minute range. Amazing how much I hate Fran, yet want to see her again soon – doesn’t this psychology qualify as beaten man’s syndrome or something?

  10. Jack :

    No, but it does qualify for awesome man’s syndrome.

  11. Cherie :

    It amazes me how every freakin time I do this workout it messes me up. I’ve been not right for almost 2 hours now, can’t even see straight.

  12. Donna :

    Greetings from Louisiana, the land where everything comes with a little tub of mayo and/or ranch dressing.
    Andy, I have the same relationship with Fran. I think it’s called Stockholm Syndrome. I hate her, but I’m sad I missed her.
    Leslie, congrats! and you look amazing.

  13. Sherry :

    FYI Times are all on the board…. 😉 hehehe….

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