Tuesday 100126


Three rounds; 21 – 15 – 9 reps of:

Squat clean, 135#/95# (50% of 1RM)

Ring dips

Compare to: February 20, 2009

Post previous time and new time to comments.


Mike Kearns, headed towards la-la land at the end the row/swing/sit WOD.

A note on soreness…

We've all been there: you head into the gym for another workout that stirs the butterflies in your stomach because you know this one's going to be tough.  You throw your heart and soul into the workout and finish with a time that you're super excited with.  You know the pain is coming, but when? 

It seems that it's the fast moving, multi-joint movements that involve a larger range of motion (think: thrusters) that really cause this "delayed onset muscle soreness".  You'll usually experience mild soreness as early as 8 hours after the workout and having the discomfort peak within 24-48 hours.  Yep, you've damaged your muscle fibers and the pain is the proof.  You've temporarily lost a little a muscle function and strength.

Is this what you should feel like after a CrossFit workout?  To a degree, yes.  Early on while your body is getting used to incorporating constantly varied, fast, multi-joint, full range of motion movements, it is continually adapting (i.e. getting stronger).  The broad, general, and inclusive nature of CrossFit will test this adaptational response more than any fitness program out there – preparing you better for anything, including recovery

So what do I do to reduce severe delayed onset muscle soreness?  Avoid it!  Take your time and apply intensity gradually over time.  Soon, your body will be ready for the greater demand having faced these challenges before.  After experiencing this soreness once, you'll take my advice in the future – it's no fun struggling to get out of bed.

Do tabata squats leave you as sore as they used to?  How about deadlifts?  Post thoughts on the matter to comments.

(Adapted from Tony Webster's article in Nov. 08 CFJ.)


  1. Jack :

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  2. Matt :

    1-10-1-20-1-30: so physically and mentally taxing that I’m going to have to retire to bed for the next 48 hours. Love it.

  3. Cherie :

    Congreat on 300# Emmalee

  4. Ro :

    Last time I worked out with Matt and Cherie my legs lost function and I found a previously undiagnosed hatred for walking down stairs…. aka, this never gets easier for me but I have embraced the soreness.

  5. stef :

    CRAP.. I want to do this WOD. But, technically, today would be my 5th day if I came in (is that bad?)

  6. Matt :

    Rory… when you and I did “DT” I couldn’t touch my traps for 3 days. Poor shruggers.
    I like the soreness though… it means change. If you aren’t getting sore anymore, your body needs a different stimuli – whether its load, movement, or faster action.

  7. Matt :

    If interested:
    Kettlebell/Olympic WL seminar featuring Nico Rinther of Colorado KB Club and Paul Fleschler, 1992 Olympian and former National USA WL Team Coach.
    Saturday – 6hr Seminar for $175
    Hosted by CrossFit Highlands Ranch
    Contact Cherie or I immediately if interested.

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