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Julian, our only member that lives in another state (MD).  

Why take fish oil?

Humans evolved on a diet with about a 2:1 ration of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.  Today the average ratio is 10:1.  We get a tremendous amount of omega-6 in our diet because it is prevalent in the vegetable oils used in so many of our processed foods.  The oils with the highest ratios are safflower and peanut, but others used extensively by the food industry include soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame and corn oils.   Oils high in omega-6 have been shown to be harmful to our health because it promotes the development of heart disease, skin cancer, and diabetes and it contributes to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and asthma.  Omega-6 also prolong and contribute to the muscle and tendon inflammations prevalent in athletics.

Omega-3 fatty acid, on the other hand, counteracts the negative health consequences of omega-6.  For the athlete, the benefits are a greater release of growth hormone during sleep as well as improved aerobic metabolism.  Omega-3 also reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery. 

Both plant and animal foods contain omega-3 fatty acids.  The amount in plants is small and must be chemically altered by the liver to make it usable.  Animal foods however provide a more readily available source of omega-3, because it's structure need no further modification in the human body.

The active ingredients in omega-3 that are responsible for it's beneficial effects are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).  Check your labels and make sure that your fish oil contains these two ingredients.

-adapted from "The Paleo Diet for Athletes", Loren Cordain, PhD


  1. derek :

    I am still always confused about just how much to take per day and when? Derek > kettle bells but Derek < Double unders

  2. Fonger :

    It’s always nice to see Verve on the main site.
    Derek: Just pour the bottle at your face and chew whatever lands in your mouth. It works for me…

  3. Chris :

    How much O3s are recommended to be taken a day?

  4. Julian :

    I always look my best mid double under…
    And from Robb Wolf’s FAQ:
    “My rough recommendation on fish oil supplementation is 0.5-1.0 g/10lbs Body Weight/day of EPA/DHA. The top end is for sick/fat people, the lower end is for most other folks. It seems like a lot, but a can of sardines is about 2.5g EPA/DHA. We are replacing a missing FOOD! Please. Please. Do not ask how many capsules that turns out to for you. Do a little math folks.”

  5. Matt :

    For reference, Dr. Barry Sears – probably the US’ foremost expert on fish oil recommends between 2.5g and 10g per day based on wellness. Plot your existence on the sickness -> wellness -> fitness continuum and that should answer your question.
    Lovin’ my CrossFit Verve peeps!

  6. Emmalee :

    Happy birthday matt!

  7. Jack :

    Are there any peer reviewed articles or data that support taking that much fish oil from some one who doesn’t sell fish oil? I take 6g’s of fish oil everyday because I trust what you guys are saying. I just wish I could read some definitive or strongly suggestive material from an unbias party…
    On another note, happy b-day big guy!!!

  8. Donna :

    In yesterday’s NY Times in an article on Vitamin D:
    Dr. Manson said fish-oil supplements were included in the study because they are another promising treatment that suffers from a dearth of clinical trial evidence. In addition, both vitamin D and fish oil are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but each works through a different pathway in the body, so there may be an added health benefit in combining them.
    Happy Birthday, Matt!

  9. Amy Schaeffer :

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!!!

  10. Joylyn :

    Derek, that makes me giggle. Julian, you look very composed.
    Personally, I’ve noticed that when I’m consistently taking fish oil, my recovery is much better, I sleep better, and my cravings are kept at bay. I just heard a story on NPR this morning regarding a recent study that fish oil treatment significantly decreased likelihood of psychotic episodes in adolescents.
    Nice job people on the SWAT episode! If only I could see y’all on the big screen, but alas, we don’t get that station at the firehouse.

  11. I think fish oil totally helps with my psychotic episodes… And thank God for it. Maybe I should stop taking it right before a Fran. I’ll kill that bitch something huge.

  12. Great discussion, and hard to disagree with the Jazz and Spurs as frontrunners.
    So what about the relationship between a talent culture and results? Clearly you can have up-and-down teams that win it all (Celtics, Lakers) in good years and then have down times while they reload. You can also have talent-oriented teams that have consistent success (I’d be worried if they didn’t).

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