Wednesday 100217

2:00 Overhead squats, 75# (55#)
2:00 Plank hold
2:00 Row, strapless

1:00 Rest

1:30 Overhead squats, 75# (55#)
1:30 Plank hold
1:30 Row, strapless

1:00 Rest

1:00 Overhead squats, 75# (55#)
1:00 Plank hold
1:00 Row, strapless

1:00 Rest

0:30 Overhead squats, 75# (55#)
0:30 Plank hold
0:30 Row, strapless 

Have you worked on your mobility lately?

Looking to improve your stroke?  We have just the thing for you.  Come to CrossFit Verve's very own rowing seminar held on Saturday, February 27th at 3-5pm.  This is a free seminar put on by our very own James Whitmire.  James is donating his time to nail down 15 lucky peoples rowing efficiency.  You must sign-up to attend, sign-up by e-mailing with the words I'm a rowing fool in the subject line.  IF YOU SIGN-UP YOU MUST SHOW UP!  Don't be "that guy", that signs up and steals someones spot by not showing up.

So what make James qualified to instruct rowing?  If you've ever been in a class with James during a rowing WOD, you wouldn't be asking.  For those of you who haven't meet James he walked on to the crew team at the University of Pennsylvania, as a freshman. Despite having no natural rhythm or athletic skill (his words not ours), he parlayed his height and willingness for self-abuse (this we've witnessed) into low erg scores and a seat on a National Championship team.  His achievements include a 6:20 2000m time, a 1:19 500m time and urinating over the side of a shell without falling overboard.  When he isn't crossfitting, James enjoys minimizing large corporations' tax liabilities, spending time with his family, and long moonlit walks on the beach. Join James for two hours of in-depth instruction on rowing technique, erg mechanics, and incorporating rowing strategy into a WOD.  It bound to be a fun time!


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    I don’t think that the gym has rowers and I’ve seen SDHP sub’d for it, but what weight should I use and does that modify the time as well?

  2. Matt :

    I would tend to think a 45# bar would suffice. Let us know.

  3. Shelby :

    Is there a paleo/zone challenge starting this week?

  4. Matt :

    Good question Shelby… Stay tuned for tonights post. There will be a little more info.

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