Tuesday 100223

For time:

45 Weighted box jumps, 20#/14#

45 Dumbell thrusters, 40#/25#

45 Pull-ups

45 Box jumps

Unscaled box jump height is 20" for men and women.  Weighted box jumps are to be completed with a 20#/14# medicine ball. 

Post time to comments.

Jared, the most flexible man in the west

Much like Facebook, air is essential to mankind's survival.  When lifting heavy loads, air management to aid torso rigidity is even more essential (umm.. arguable).  In order to maintain the structural integrity of your spine while lifting heavy, a positive pressure in the thoracic cavity must be established and maintained during the meat of the lift. 

To establish this air pressure, set-up your lift by addressing the bar and assuming an appropriate starting position.  When ready, fill your lungs to capacity by breathing as deep as possible and then locking the air away for the duration of the lift.  With positive pressure in the lungs, the diaphram will push your guts down, thereby tightening the abdominals and securing the structural integrity of the spine.  Its important to note, tightening the abdominals does not refer to showing off your six (eight?) pack.  Rather, think about pressing your abdominals down and out.  Voila' … go and lift safely my friends.  Practice makes perfect!

Day number two, how we doin' team?


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    Whoa, wait a minute, Jared where is your pink headband????

  2. Matt :

    He’s wearing his headband, you just can’t see it due to his reddish colored head.

  3. stef :

    Ummmm…. whoever wrote this post totally had me laugh… “much like facebook, air…” lmao…
    Love the Verve!

  4. greg b. :

    carb cravings are a bitch! And is there anything that can fix my craving for melted cheese over something wrapped in a tortilla! Ok gonna do it can make it!

  5. Stef :

    Greg… i know its not the same but what saved me on the last paleo challenge was Paleo pancakes. SO GOOOOOD!!!!!!! I believe its posted on the Fuel page 🙂

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