Tuesday 100309

"Death by 10 Meters"

Run 10 meters on the first minute, 20 meters the second minute, 30 meters the third minute… continuing as long as you are able to complete the required length in one minute.

Post completed minutes to comments.


A typical spicy treat that you get to experience at the Level 1 Cert. 

The Level 1 Experience

CrossFit introduced the Level 1 Certification years ago due to high demand from it's loyal followers.  Back then it was Coach Glassman himself who gave each of the lectures and had his CrossFit Santa Cruz trainers as demo subjects and breakout group trainers.  They were small and much less formal than L1 Certs of today. 

For some, the L1 Certification is a step towards becoming a trainer– whether it's to train in a CrossFit affiliate or to train a middle school gym class.  For others, the L1 Cert. is their first exposure to CrossFit – yes, meaning they have never done a workout before, but came to learn from the best.  Some even think of the L1 as a right of passage.  They've been following CrossFit.com for years, participating in the message boards, reading journal articles, and watching the Games unravel in videos.  The L1 Cert. simply solidifies their dedication to the CrossFit community.

Any way you look at it or approach it, the L1 is a fantastic exposure to the CrossFit community in two action-packed days.  Among other things, you'll learn how to answer the question, "What is CrossFit?"  You'll learn the science and programming behind our workouts, as well as experience some of those workouts.  Of course you'll also have the opportunity to get coached in small groups on the nine foundational movements of CrossFit.  Hopefully you'll walk away moving better AND knowing how to see and correct these movements.  You'll also have the opportunity to make some new friends.

I can't recommend that everyone go and drop $1k to go attend a L1 just for fun.  But what I can recommend is that if you've ever thought about it, you should do it – you won't be disappointed.  I can honestly say that I remember my L1 like it was yesterday and have nothing but fond memories.  Some of the friends I made I see very regularly (Paula and Jordan of CrossFit By Overload) despite living quite a distance from them.  Still, every cert. I attend – I learn something new or pick up something that I hadn't heard before. 

Have you been to a Level 1 Certification?  What did you think?


  1. derek :

    First time I’ve done the Olympic total was today, both of those lifts really expose weakness, But they both felt a lot better today thanks to Luke and his help frustrating day mentally for me but I got two pr’s and could see definite improvement on form so I guess that’s a win.
    Been thinking about the Boulder Boulder 10k myself.. If they let me start a month early maybe I will be able to finish around the same time as everyone else!

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    The L1 Cert is a huge milestone for me and I learned so much there that weekend. It is a true demonstration of strength within the community and expanded my community outside of Al Asad & Verve. It even ignited my passion for wanting to compete in the Games. I could go on for days about it but here is the one thing that I enjoyed the most…. 2 full days of CF! Come on who wouldn’t like to hang out in a CF gym all day, I know this guy would love to!

  3. Tiff :

    L1 cert = my mecca
    two days of learning and doing crossfit with other driven crossfitters? yes please!
    i have not been to one, although i’ve been thinking about going since about 1 month in to crossfitting, and i know i will go to one someday. maybe i’ll find a suga daddy who’ll send me for my birthday! juuuuuuust kidding.
    just one more way to feed the addiction…can’t wait till i can go!
    AND after being stuck at a 130 C&J for about 7 months, I PR’d last night by 13#!!! perhaps this has something to do with giving my body proper fuel!? yay!

  4. Dan Y :

    I really enjoyed my L1 but more importantly I realized the high level of training we receive at Verve. Guess who’s teaching level 1 anyway? It amazed me how much all the stuff I was hearing was exactly what I had either learned at Verve or watched on the main site’s videos. Nothing against the getting your level 1, especially if its something you just feel you have to do (as I did). Overall, I picked up a few new things and the concepts were placed in a smooth flowing presentation over two days that was put together very well.

  5. Gerson :

    i’m sold on gettin my C1, have been for awhile now… crossfit’s philosophy on fitness and nutrition has defiantly changed my outlook on both, and the more knowledge i gain the better!
    on a side note, my 19 yr old brother was suck on fast food, he was at 225 ibs. 2 months of a lil CF in the backyard and revamping his diet he’s at 190 ibs! this sh*t works!

  6. Matt :

    Way to go Gerson!!!!

  7. Gerson :

    oops typo, “L1” and “stuck”

  8. I was at the March L1 Cert in Golden. Matt and Cherie were such motivating instructors I had to Google-stalk them to find their gym. I hope to stop in to visit soon since I’m in nearby Colorado Springs.
    Just wanted to leave a note of thanks and let others know it was definitely worth the money and time. If you’ve ever reached a mental plateau, it also serves as a kick in the pants to get excited about fitness again.
    -Sunny N.

  9. Cherie :

    Thanks Sunny. It was great to meet you and you are for sure a badass. Hope to see more of you, at the games?

  10. I’m missing the games this year 🙁 My school decided I was smart enough to graduate, so I’ll be out of town that weekend. I’ve got my mind set on next year though. That’ll give me time to work those muscle ups.

  11. Andrew :

    I was at the March L1 Cert in Golden. Matt and Cherie thanks for giving me a new goal to aspire for and the path to get there. You both were awsome instructors. Matt thanks again for taking that little extra time with my kipping pullups it helped so much. You both got me excited about fitness again. Sunny and I definately want to come up and visit Verve at some point.

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